An update for 2018

So, it’s been several months since my last post and a few things to report.

Activity-wise things haven’t quite gone to plan so far this year. The plan to cycle through the winter didn’t quite work as well as I’d hoped due to the weather. Having said that I’ve cycled approximately 425 miles so far this year which means I’ve cycled 50% of my commutes. Not too bad I guess. An improvement in the weather will make a big difference and I’m going to be ramping up the miles now and including some longer routes back into my daily commute.

My running had been going well with my training on schedule for the Eastleigh 10K but snow meant that the event got cancelled. With skiing in La Plagne at Easter, the desire not to break myself before it and the realisation that my right ankle isn’t as flexible as my left I took a few weeks off running which meant inadequate training for the Southampton Half and a subsequent DNS.

All of the above combined with a healthy (or unhealthy) appetite has led to a 12lb gain in weight since Christmas. This is a typical trend in my weight cycle and in April I decided enough was enough and am focused in on getting back to a ‘healthy’ weight again. MyFitness Pal is being used daily for tracking and I’m running more regularly and have signed up for a couple of events to keep my focus.

The only event I’ve taken part in this year (and in reality for over a year) has been the obstacle course race (OCR) at Southampton Sport Centre, Active Warrior. Daniel and I ran together in the Family Wave in THR 5km course and had a brilliant time.

The course was challenging in places and there was a fair amount of mud. The highlights were the skip pictured above, the water slide down the whole length of the long slope of Southampton Ski Centre and the Ninja Wall which I attempted 3 times but ultimately didn’t get over.

Due to enjoying the run and a desire to lose extra poundage, I decided to sign up for the Wyvern 10k. Although the event is probably the closest one to home I’ve only run it once in its history and with the Netley 10K (at Royal Victory Country Park) full, it seemed like a good choice.

With Dan and I both enjoying Active Warrior I’ve just signed Connor, Daniel and I up for Rainbow Rampage (for a grand total sum of £11 including one free T-shirt) in October. It’s a family friendly 3km OCR and I’m hoping there’ll be a little less mud than AW.

Tuesday evening S&C sessions continue to go well with 90 sessions behind me now. Attendance remains high with 30/40 typically taking part. There is only 1 more session at Taunton’s before we head outside for the summer. Hoping the current summery weather lasts right through until September.

That’s about all I have to report so will finish up now and hopefully have a post Wyvern 10K post to share in July.

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