A quick review of January 2018

Although I made no New Year Resolutions, I am trying to write at least one blog post a month. Here’s a quick review of what I’ve been up to in January as the month draws to a close.

This month saw me celebrate 2 years of working at Tonic Analytics. During that time, we, as a team and a company, have grown in size and strength and I’ve loved being part of that journey. It’s a privilege to be part of the team and to see how successful we’ve been. There are undoubtedly challenges and we’re busier than ever. However, challenges are good (and you know how much I love a challenge).

With my Saturday mornings reclaimed, I’m enjoying some lie-ins. This is particularly welcome with more pressure and longer days at work as well as an early start on Sunday mornings to take the boys to skiing lessons in Christchurch. I do miss the Saturday morning crew and, in particular, the social interaction though… more than I expected. I also really appreciate the crew for their contribution to the sessions. Thanks all.

My Tuesday evening strength and conditioning sessions are going well still. Attendance levels range from 30-50 which is amazing and I’m loving delivering these sessions. Aside from work, these are my opportunity for social interaction per week although at times this is limited. I try to chat with members of the group before the session and mid-session but it’s not always easy. I keep the sessions light-hearted and hopefully fun and enjoy banter with the group where possible.

With a skiing holiday planned and getting closer and closer I’m doing 4 or 5 S&C minute HIIT sessions per week of 18-22 minutes each at home. Denise and Connor take part too and I’m trying to keep each one different. It does mean that I’ve now got to design several S&C sessions a week but that’s something I enjoy.

With the Eastleigh 10K and Southampton Half approaching rapidly, I’m trying to squeeze 3 runs in a week. Time is tight though with longer work hours, family life etc etc so many of these runs are on the treadmill. As well as two short runs, I’m doing a long run on a Sunday evening and am working up from 40 minutes and adding on 5-10 minutes per week. This week (today) I’ll be running for 70 minutes. It gives me the opportunity to watch some Netflix whilst on the treadmill.

Although I’d hoped to cycle commute through the winter, the weather and length of my work day mean I’ve been taking the car more often than I’d like. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that this will be the case for a couple of months but plan to cycle as often as I can in February and beyond. At least my runs and home S&C sessions are helping with fitness.

I’ve not slept well for years (as may be clear from the fact I’m typing this as 3am). With so much to do I often spend a couple of hours per night reading, researching and jotting down ideas. I’ll call it CPD. However, I’m trying to reclaim my sleep and have cut down on coffee (from several mugs per day to 1 or 2) and using some mindful breathing. I’ve also been reading a book ‘The 4 Pillars’ and am planning to attempt some of the suggestions from that.

I think that’s about it for this month. It’s all good.

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