Cycle commute challenge complete

Way back in mid-June I set myself a challenge for the following 18 weeks to commute at least 1350 miles by bike. The intent of the challenge was to:

– keep fit

– loose weight

– be environmentally friendly by not taking the car

With a 10 mile round trip, to complete the challenge meant:

– cycling every day I could

– travelling 1.5 times the shortest commute distance to/from work

Yesterday I completed the final week racking up 130 miles of the 1350 miles.

Here are some related stats:

– average number of miles cycled per week: 80 miles

– longest single commute journey: 25 miles

– average daily distance: 20 miles

– number of work days of commuting: 63 / 82

– total number of days of commuting: 68

– number of punctures: 2

– number of dangerous close passes by motor vehicles: 1

– number of verbal abuse from drivers: 2

– mechanicals included punctures, broken gear shifter, wonky headset and a rattling freehub

Holidays, days off, working from home and mechanicals meant I didn’t commute by bike every day but there was only 1 work day when I drove when I needn’t have.

So far this year I’ve cycled 1800 miles with the likelihood of a total of 2200 for the year.

The challenge was certainly challenging! Getting up and leaving the house in the dark or rain wasn’t always pleasant but the cycle rides were always positive and I felt good for doing them.

The miles have helped with weight loss. In mid-April I was 14 1/2 stone. That was when I started commuting for the year. By the start of the challenge I was 13 stone 8lbs. Over the period of the 16.5 weeks of the challenge I lost 7lbs to reach my target of 13 stone and a healthy BMI.

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