An autumnal update including Garmin Ride Out

As usual, I’ve not posted in a while. As summer becomes a distant memory and the weather turns cold and wet(ter), I thought it was an opportunity for a quick update.

Activity-wise things are going well. I set myself an 18 week challenge of commuting 1350 miles way back in June and am now a little over 12 weeks into that and on target. Come rain or shine, I’m commuting to and from work. That’s meant a combination of both lovely journeys and not-so-lovely ones. However, they all feel brilliant in hindsight.

I’ve only competed in 2 events this year: Eastleigh 10K and the rather brilliant Garmin Ride Out – a 50 Mile ‘sportive’ with 800 cyclists around the New Forest.

While I have your attention briefly, I’ll provide a quick extended summary…

The event is organised by Garmin whose EU headquarters are based in Southampton. The event had 800 cyclists taking part and a waiting list of 200. Starting at Bashley, the 50 Mile route went through Brockenhurst, Sway, Fordingbridge, Ringwood before returning to where we started. I’d cycled some of the route before in previous events including the Wiggle Sportive back in 2013 and a more recent triathlon.

I arrived at the start early (7:15am) and soon met up with Teri, Diana and her husband Pete. We registered, collected our free Garmin cycling jersey, enjoyed the free coffee and breakfast (bacon roll) and then went to the briefing which consisted of Dermot Murnaghan chatting with cyclists from several of the pro-teams who’d be cycling in the Tour of Britain the following week.

At about 10:30am, we joined the queue to start and waited until our group were set off.

Diana, Teri and I cycled together for most of the 50 miles. That made it a more social than speedy ride which suited me perfectly. The route was undulating and pretty. The weather was mostly sunny with a bit of a cruel headwind.

It was great to see Julian Porter and members of his cycling club (including ex Lordshiller Lou Gowet) on several occasions through the day.

The route was brilliant. The roads quiet. The most challenging part was the 700m long 25% ascent of Blissford Hill just east of Fordingbridge. What a hill! I made it up through grit, determination, praying and a fair amount of swearing. The rest of the route (20 miles) seemed easy in comparison.

I lost (dropped?) Teri and Diana in the last several miles as I wanted to finish in under 3 hours and 30 minutes. My finish time was 3:28 so happy with that.

I’m definitely entering the event next year!

The cycle commuting is helping with my weight loss goal and I’m less than 1kg away from my first goal of reaching 13 stone. That’s 1 stone 10 lbs lost since my heaviest weight in October 2016. In reality, much of the loss has been due to the 100 miles of cycling (on average) each week.

My real weight goal coincides with the end of my cycling challenge when I want to be 12 stone 7lbs. That also coincides with outlet late summer sun holiday on mid October.

In other news, coaching is going well. Saturday morning session have restarted after a summer break. These sessions are for all abilities. Here’s how one of the regular attendees, Katie, recently described the sessions:

Tuesday evening’s S&C sessions are also going really well. We enjoyed a summer of winters conditions out on Southampton Common and will return to Richard Taunton College from Tuesday. I love these sessions and really enjoy putting them on… even more so now that Daniel is now regularly attending them.

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