2017 is disappearing before my eyes

2017 is passing very quickly and May is fast approaching. I’ve not posted in my blog for months and it’s time for a catch up.

The year has been pretty good so far. 
Work is going really well. There have been some big project deliveries and associated pressures but all have been met and on time. What’s more, customers have been happy. The development team has grown and my role as Head of Platform Development is my favourite to date. In honesty, I am loving being part of Tonic Analytics, feel very valued, love the work environment, enjoy being part of an expanding team and look forward to every day in the office.

My coaching has also been going well. The Saturday morning sessions has stepped up a gear in terms of toughness for participants and it’s been great to introduce some new sessions. A core group of regular participants turn up to each session although there are some weeks (school holidays normally) where low availability of the group means postponing the session. It would be great to get 3 or 4 more regular participants so if you’re a Lordshiller who doesn’t mind getting up early, these sessions may be of interest. 

Tuesday evening Strength and Conditioning sessions are also going really well. It’s almost 11 months since these sessions started and I think I’ve managed to make every session unique.

This week was a particular favourite… for me… as we were outside (due to the college being closed) and I used a bootcamp-style session structure.

Although I’d decided on the exercises and rough structure of the session before hand, it was only as I was driving to the Common that I decided to introduce some punishments and extra ‘fun’ features to the session. These included a punishment exercise (press ups, start jumps, burpees) for the whole group if:

– anyone turned up late. There were several latecomers!

– there was too much talking – there was

– Instructions weren’t followed

In my view (not necessarily shared by those attending!), these added a little fun to the session. 

Having led many sessions now (I’ve lost count but likely in the region of 80 or so) I feel confident enough to be able to make up sessions on the fly… and often do … especially on a Saturday morning. This isn’t the case so much with the S&C sessions as I normally produce laminated exercise station cards and a session overview sheet to hand out to participants. 

Having said that, at Tuesday’s session, I did neither. There were also no sweets and no music. ‘This is a Boot Camp not a holiday camp!
It’s going to be great to get the sessions outside from June and I want to introduce some new exercises and sessions structures once we do. 

The S&C sessions have been well attended with over 30 attending weekly and the number often getting close to or slightly exceeding 40! I’m told by the club’s chairman that this makes the sessions the largest solo-led sessions each week. 

One other related activity has been to set a couple of 15 day challenges to those that attend the sessions I run. So far, we’ve had the ’15 Day 30 Burpee Challenge’ and we’re nearing the end of the ’15 Day Proper Press Up Challenge’. Although only about 10 have been taking part in each challenge, I’ve enjoyed them both from the perspective of being a participant (the challenge itself, the interaction of participants and the short nature mean it’s easier to keep focused on the goal) but also leading the challenges and seeing the daily interaction and improvements made by those taking part. 

The only negatives of the S&C sessions are a lack of feedback on the sessions from regular participants via the Facebook group and the sessions being poorly attended by the male members (!) of the club. Often, the ratio is 30 females to 5 males. Having said that, what is great is that there a wide spectrum of members attending from those in groups A to G. 

One other bit of running related ‘news’ is that this year, we’ve held the first of 5 Lordshill Mile events. As usual, it went really well and attendance was good. Bizarrely, although it was very well attended by Lordshillers (thanks in part to many of the regulars from the S&C attending), the first event wasn’t as well attended by other clubs. Not sure why but hope that, given the events are fun and free, this will improve in the events for the rest of this year’s series. 

I’m not the model Lordshill Road Runners member I’m sure as, due to other commitments, I don’t get the chance to attend any other training sessions other than the ones I lead, I don’t complete in the local leagues (RR10 and CC6) and have only raced once in the last 18 months. However, I certainly contribute as a volunteer to the club. 

Having been busy at work in recent weeks, I’ve not had a lot of opportunity to run. However, what has been great is that in the last 2-3 weeks, every run I’ve done has been with Daniel. Since he joined Scouts, he’s been taking part in a physical activity challenge. His initial suggestion for this was ‘jumping’. However, I managed to persuade him to run 3 times a week instead. He started off by running for 15 minutes on the treadmill each time and then recording the distance run and his heart rate at the end of each run. After about 4 weeks, I asked Daniel whether he wanted to run with me outside and we’ve done so ever since. I let him pick the route and the pace and we head out for 20-30 minutes. Connor joined us for the first couple of runs but his interest has waned. I’m sure that he’ll rejoin us at some point in the future. Daniel and I are going to start increasing the run duration very gradually and I’ll see if he wants to incorporate some Fartlek or interval style sessions. 

I guess the only other blog-worthy news is that I’ve finally got back on my bike! I was regularly cycling to work (about 10 miles per day) until October last year but stopped for the winter. The plan had been to start cycling again at the start of April but workload, the weather but mostly lethargy got in the way. Having now cycled to work a grand total of once this year (yesterday), I’ve set myself the challenge of cycling at least 3 times a week for the next 6 months. I’m hoping that Bassett Green Road gets flatter and easier to cycle up and my saddle gets more comfortable in the coming weeks.

I’m hoping that the regular cycling, lunchtime runs and evening/weekend runs with Daniel and more regular parkrunning will help reduce my waistline between now and October when we head away for a late summer holiday in the sun.  

Completely unrelated to the usual subject of the blog is another challenge I’ve set myself which is to learn to play the piano. I played briefly as a child but gave up as other distractions stole my interest. I’ve been using a brilliant iPhone app called Simply Piano by JoyTunes and have played for at least 15 minutes per day ever since the 1st of January. I often manage to play for more than that and have been known to practice 2 or 3 times a day if time permits. It’s slow but steady progress but I’m really enjoying the challenge and am able to play a variety of different songs that Denise and the boys are able to recognise. 

So, that for now, is it. Plenty going on but all good. 

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