Looking forward to 2017

In my last post I looked back at 2016 and how little I achieved activity-wise. In this post, I’m looking forward to next year, 2017. 

Before I go on, aside from the weight gain in the last year of over 1/2 a stone), there have been lots of positive things in my life so it’s not all ‘doom and gloom’!
It’s very easy to set multiple goals, fail to meet some and then give up which typically spirals into not achieving anything. 

Therefore, my aim for 2017 is to set a small number of goals and focus on those. 

In light of that, an ever-expanding waistline, and while fully acknowledging the other demands on my time, I have 3 goals for 2017; two of which I hope to achieve before my looming 48th birthday in exactly 3 months.  

Those are:

(a) to loose 1.5 stone by 22nd March 2017

(b) to get a PB at the Eastleigh 10K on the 19th March 2017 (e.g. a sub-50 finish)

A tentative goal which I’m not fully convinced I can achieve is:

(c) to complete the Southampton Half in under 2 hours on the 23rd April 2017

These goals will be tough. I have no doubt about that. The most challenging is likely to be (a) but hopefully that’ll make (b) and (c) easier. 

With regards my bulging love handles, I weighed 13st in March 2013 and in March 2014 but was almost 13.5 st in March 2015 and 14 st in March 2016. Losing 1.5 st would put me back to 13st and reduce my BMI from 28 (overweight) to a little over 25 (healthy). To get me into the healthy range (while acknowledging that BMI is not a great metric to focus on) would require reaching 12st 12lbs or less. That would be great but would require a little too much weekly weight loss. 

As an aside, I hit 12st in July 2014 during my training for the Weymouth Half ‘Ironman’ so 13st (or slightly under) should be an achievable weight and one where I don’t look gaunt or unhealthy. 

In terms of achieving the above, my focus will be on:

  1. Tracking calories 
  2. Eating sensibly
  3. Running 3 times a week
  4. Incorporating 1-2 cross training/S&C  sessions per week

Number 4 may require commuting to work again which will be a challenge given my (not so) recent return to driving, the weather and lighting conditions. More excuses available on demand…

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