Where’s 2016 disappearing?

This year appears to be flying by. Can’t quite believe that it’s June in less than a week. And what a year it’s been. 

I started the year without a job (after a rubbish Christmas) not quite sure what was going to happen in the coming months. Now, almost 5 months into the year, things are far more settled. 

I guess the 4 main things in life at the moment are:

  • Family
  • Work
  • Coaching 
  • Training

I’ll start at the bottom of the list and work up. 

Training isn’t going well. Due to being busy with the other 3 things on the list above, I just don’t have the time to train myself. More about that in a bit. 

With regards coaching, I’ve now held over a dozen Saturday morning coached sessions and they are going really well. 

It can be a struggle tearing myself from beneath the duvet at 10 past 6 on a Saturday morning and I’m often feeling a little grumpy on my way to the venue but by the time the sessions start, my mood flips and I’m really happy. I couldn’t enjoy the sessions more. 

Most have gone really well although there have been a couple of niggles I need to work on. 
The feedback has been phenomenal. I send out a short survey via Google Forms at the end of each session and have received a 98% satisfaction rating so far with an 80% response rate. My goal is 100%. I have to admit that when asking ‘on a scale of 1 to 10, how much did you enjoy the session?’ I get disappointed in myself if I get a 8 or 9. Fortunately 8s are rare and 9s or 10s are the norm. Even when receiving a 10, I know that I can still improve and am working hard to do that. 

I’m keen that the group are honest and don’t just give high ratings because they feel they should. The feedback is anonymous and greatly valued by myself. 

As well as the Saturday morning sessions, this week I led my first strength and conditioning session. (I’ve stood down as Run Leader at Monday evening Lordshill training sessions as I couldn’t do both plus post-injury and under-trained I couldn’t keep up with the group I was leading). There were about 15 at the session and the structure was similar to that of the sessions I hold on a Saturday morning but without coaching on technique. 

I have to admit that I was a little scared prior to the first session as:

  • I didn’t know who or how many people would turn up
  • I didn’t know the ability range of the attendees
  • The original venue was unavailable and I had to create a loop on a heavily populated area of the Common

Fortunately, I knew all but a couple of the attendees by name and several of my Saturday morning group attended so that made it easier. 

As well as preparing and delivering sessions, I’m coaching Jonathan and am currently 5 weeks into his first 8-week mesocycle. 

Jonathan is a good runner with aspirations to improve his running across all distances. However, in discussion we decided that for his initial goal, he should focus on improving his 5K times. 
As a family man with a demanding job that takes him away from home and several races and other event on his calendar, building his first 8-week plan (a mesocycle) had its challenges. However, I managed it and drew up a summary spreadsheet covering the main sessions each week. This included his existing, known, commitments and included progression and periodisation. 

One downside of the CiRF course is although they highlight the importance of building mesocycles (8 week plans), the associated microcycles (a weekly plan decomposing each week of the mesocycle in greater detail) and session plans where applicable, not enough time is given to actually devising meso and microcycles. 

So far, the plan is working really well. In addition to 2-3 training runs per week (some of which include parkrun as a tempo run or similar), I included some S&C sessions and cross training. Jonathan has committed himself to follow the plan as best he can and adapts it where necessary. 

Last week, I set Jonathan a time trial at parkrun to give us both visibility of his progression. Having completed the parkrun, he sent me the following message:

Just back from parkrun – I managed 24:18! My fastest time this year. Your coaching is showing results!

I’m not sure either of us could ask for more. 

So, that’s coaching. 

Onto work… this time last year I was working for parkrun and travelling quite a lot. My dream job wasn’t quite the dream I’d hoped. Fast forward about 6 months and I was unemployed and having to consider what I’d have to do to pay the bills, or indeed whether I’d be able to. 

Fortunately, I’m now settled into a contracting role with a great company and great team overseeing the development of their technical platform.

The work is really interesting and I’m getting my hands dirty with both development (Python, Angular2 and PHP) and acting as Scrum Master. 

Having worked from home for the best part of 15 years, I’m now heading into an office 4 days a week (on average). That office was 2 miles from home and easily runnable, cycleable or walkable. 

Yesterday, the company moved to a larger office at Chilworth Science Park which is about 6 miles from home. No longer walkable realistically and probably runnable but not twice in one day at my current fitness (or lack there of) levels. 
That means I’ll be mostly cycling which is actually great as the distance makes cracking the bike out for the trip worthwhile. 

The only downside is cycling up Bassett Green Road on the way to the office which is a long incline from start to end of approximately 1.6 miles. I guess that for many that’s not much of a hill but it’ll take a bit of getting used to. I’m hoping that cycling 12 miles a day is going to help reduce my expanded waistline. 

Finally onto family. 

The boys are growing up fast and we’re making sure we do as much as we can as a family. Having reined in my other activities and ensuring that my coached sessions are early in the day, that’s certainly achievable and it’s working well. 

The extended work day (caused by travelling time due to going into the office) does have some impact but this is partly negated by the fact I can use those journeys as part of my exercise regime. I’m also hoping to be able to run at lunchtimes and, ultimately, run to and from work occasionally. That’s the plan anyway. 

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