Reaching another (unofficial) parkrun milestone

Having completed my 100th parkrun at some point last year (I should look it up!), my next proper milestone of 250 parkruns is likely to be 4 years away given the frequency that I run at an event. 

However, I can today claim that when I am timekeeper at Southampton junior parkrun later this morning that I’ll have reached another unofficial milestone of having volunteered at 250 events in the last (almost) 6 years.

There’s no free T-shirt to celebrate this milestone so I photoshopped one (badly) to mark this occasion. Cheap huh?!

I started parkrunning in May 2010 and volunteering at the events in the August of that year and became Event Director for Eastleigh parkrun in December 2010/2011. Life changed quite a lot from August 2010!

Since then, I’ve volunteered more than I’ve run especially since founding Southampton juniors where I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer on a Sarurday and Sunday. The good news about volunteering on a Sunday means that I can run on a Saturday guilt-free. Hint! šŸ˜‰

parkrun has turned me into a fairly prolific volunteer especially in the local running community. 

The truth is that I didn’t ever really participate in volunteering at all before getting involved with parkrun so have gone from one extreme to another as both a parkrun volunteer and for my running club, Lordshill Road Runners, as a Committee member (as Vice Chair), Race Director, regular Run Leader, Welfare Officer, LRR Mile series co-organiser and ‘tech guru’ and, most recently, as a (trainee) Coach in Running Fitness. 
On occasion I’m asked but I can’t really explain why I like to volunteer! I just love being involved in parkrun and Lordshill Road Runners. I once got accused of doing it for the glory but that certainly isn’t the case. There isn’t any! Having said that, my efforts haven’t gone unrecognised as I did earn an award at the Eastleigh Sports Awards in 2014 and carry the Queen’s Baton in the Commonwealth Games Baton Relay in 2015. But mostly, I just help out when I can. 

However, I’m certainly not unusual as I know many who’ve contribute far more than me. Gareth Jones has volunteered at parkruns in excess of 250 times for example and my CiRF coach, Carol Bradwell, puts several hours a week into coaching and supporting trainee coaches. These are just 2 of several including Dave Williams, Dave Clothier,  Gary & Lisa Trendell, Lynda Cox and Meg Draper. 
So what does my volunteering future hold? I’m scaling back a bit. I’m currently taking a break from Run Directing at Southampton juniors (but am still a regular volunteer mostly as stopwatch button pusher). This is to give me more time to train as a Coach in Running Fitness. I’m really enjoying the latter role. Loving it in fact. It takes a fair amount of time devising and preparing sessions and swotting up but I’m hoping that will make me a better coach in the long run. The feedback I’m getting has been overwhelmingly positive and that’s a catalyst for working harder to get better as a Coach. 

I’m also busy helping bring a new junior parkrun to life in my role as a parkrun Ambassador. Winchester junior parkrun should be ‘born’ in July. I’ve got two other junior events simmering away too. 

One of the regular events I really enjoy being part of is the Lordshill’s Mile Series. I introduced these to the club after organising several enjoyable Magic Mile events. Chris Brown organises the series (great work Chris) and organise all the tech and results processing. These events are, IMO, great and, if  you’re a club member in the Southampton area and you’ve not participated, you should. They’re free, fun and brilliant. Register via and come along. There really are no excuses. 

Anyway, enough trumpet-blowing ang glory-seeking. I’ve got a stopwatch to operate. 

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