Where did the summer go?

In this post, I share news of my latest injury, its impact on the events I’d planned for the rest of the year and one special event next year and finally master bilateral breathing in the pool!

It’s been a while since I last posted on this blog. Have you missed much? Um… Not really if I’m honest and that begs the question of why I’m bothering to post…

The summer has disappeared and it’s now late in October and there are 2 months until Christmas Day. Argh!

Today, I should have been running my 4th Great South Run. However, I’m injured and having to reassess my plans for the rest of the year. The injury is Plantar Fascitis in my left foot. It’s an injury I’ve had before and means I’m struggling to run more than 5km without pain for a couple of days after. 

Last weekend I ran about 7 miles (before, during and a short distance after parkrun) before having to walk and then was hardly able to walk the following day. My right foot isn’t much better than my left with a burning sensation under the ball of my foot which I suspect is caused by Metatarsalgia. 
Running 10 miles today would therefore be very foolish. 

The impact is greater than today’s race though. The GSR was one of 3 races I’d lined up for the rest of 2015; the others bring the Gosport Half and the Portsmouth Coastal Marathon. 
The latter was my chance of getting a place in the 2 Oceans Ultra as the entry is dependent on having run a sub-5 hour marathon before the end of February. With so few marathons in the UK over the winter, the PCM was really my only realistic chance to qualify. 

Lots of calf stretching, rolling, RICE, some insoles and a reduction in mileage are on the cards. 

My long distance training is going to have to be put on the backburner for a while I recover. It does mean that I can stop procrastinating and head back to the pool and get on the road bike, both of which have been neglected recently. 
In fact, I hit the pool midweek and enjoyed 900m of front crawl whilst bilaterally breathing. Yes, you read that right. Bilaterally breathing. 

While on holiday in Florida, I’d been practicing a little in the pools in the water parks (as well as reliving calmer moments from the swim at last year’s Challenge Weymouth Half Distance Triathlon when they turned the waves on) and made the decision to swim more (and do more S&C) and get into the habit of bilaterally-breathing at every opportunity as I’d lost the habit of not doing so in the months of not swimming. Hopefully I can keep up the good habit!

Rather than racing in Portsmouth, I volunteered at Southampton junior parkrun for the 71st time (the 211th parkrun event I’ve volunteered at) while Denise and the boys ran 2/3rds of the course. 

That’s all for now! 

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