28 days until the inaugural Southampton Half Marathon

With only 28 days until the inaugural Southampton Half Marathon, I’m a long way from the fitness I had hoped for but turning things around it’s still possible. 

I’m on the wrong side of 13 stone by several lbs and am not looking forward to getting on the scales later. I need to lose at least 6kg to be at a weight I’d be reasonably happy to run at on the 26th April. 

I need to kick start things and keep on track if I stand a hope of completing the Half Marathon in under 2 hours. My recent 10K finish time at Eastleigh implies that I should be able to run a half in 1 hour 50 minutes. That really doesn’t seem attainable though. Especially on a course that’s not pancake flat. 

So, it’s time for a 28-day challenge. I’ve come up with the following which is going to be tough to stick to (especially in the first 2 weeks):

  • No crisps 
  • No biscuits
  • Only WW chocolate bars (max 1 per day)
  • 3 hours running per week
  • 1 x 45+ minutes cycle ride per week 
  • 1 x 45+ minutes swim per week 
  • 1 x 30 mins S&C session per week
  • 1 x 15+ minutes skipping session per week
  • Daily hamstring stretches
  • Daily calorie tracking via myfitnesspal 
The S&C session will be home-based and likely consist of a few sets of:
  • – kettlebell swings
  • – KB upward row 
  • – tricep dips
  • – push ups
  • – pull ups
  • – squats
  • – lunges
  • – lateral lunges
  • – bicep curls
  • – plank
I’ll post a blog regularly of what I’ve done and stay accountable.

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