2015 week 2

It’s the 12th January already and from a training perspective, things haven’t quite give to plan.

Monday was Lordshill training. I made the decision to run with group E and enjoyed the session (I’ve blogged about it already so won’t go into the details again).

Tuesday was due to be a bike session but it was raining and windy so I bailed. I could have used the rollers but didn’t. Not impressed with myself.

Wednesday was due to be my first STC swim session of the week but I didn’t get out of bed. D’oh!

On Thursday I did some exercise. Woo hoo. I’ve enjoyed LRR training and have been toying with the idea of returning to Run Camp for the early morning track session. With both LRR and STC offering track sessions, the decision to pay for Run Camp instead is due to the fact it:

– fits better into my weekly schedule. I simply wouldn’t get away with another evening out training
– incorporates strength and conditioning which saves me having to fit my own session in

There were a couple of familiar faces in the group (Steve, Darren and Jenny) but the others were strangers. The session comprised of a 800m warm-up followed by a kettlebell set and then 4x400m, another kettlebell set, 4x400m, kettlebell set and then a cool down. Although I enjoyed the session, I struggled a little/lot and missed the old gang of Run Campers.

Later in the day, the ball off my right foot started to feel achy. This was similar to the ache I had after using Vibrams. With Stubbington 10K on Sunday, and big plans not too far off, I don’t want to get injured. What had caused the ache? I’m not sure. Maybe I need to retire my adidas Boosts. It’s more likely that my ridiculous lack of control with eating has led to the inevitable piling of the pounds and almost reaching the heaviest I’ve been for a couple of years. I’ve only got myself to blame and really need to focus on eating more healthily. My weight gain has meant I’m feeling less confident about getting back into swimming too. I know that I just need to bite the (calorie-free) bullet and just go to the pool and try to do so a couple of times a week.

On Friday I’d another bike session planned but work got in the way alongside a high dose of ‘can’t be arsed’.

On Saturday I had a decision to make. Having opened so many parkruns Inn the area, choosing one is sometimes a challenge. I had narrowed the choice down to Eastleigh, Netley Abbey or Southampton. Each has their attractions for the day and with the help of an iPhone app (and enough attempts to get the decisIon I wanted), I headed to Royal Victoria Country Park, the home of Netley Abbey parkrun.

The weather wasn’t kind with high winds and a little drizzle. However, it was good to see many parkrun friends and enjoy the 3-lap out and back course which affords lots of opportunities to shout encouragement to them. Of the local parkrun, the course is the best for that in fact I’m beginning to favour NA over Eastleigh at the moment although Southampton has a few positives that make it another contender for my local favourite parkrun with its all tarmac course and the fact many friends run at the event. I don’t feel as if I have a home event as such (other than Southampton juniors) although Eastleigh parkrun is officially my home event.

Whist at Netley Abbey, Southampton parkrun welcomed a massive 700+ turnout. Clearly a combination of students returning after their Christmas break and those with New Year’s Resolutions bolstered the numbers to a new attendance record which was likely one of the highest in the country for the weekend.

In the afternoon, we took the boys to a fun swim session at Totton Leisure Centre. This gave me a little opportunity to do some swimming. Well. A free widths of the pool and a few rubbish attempts at tumble turns before the pool filled with kids on floats. At least I can say (with a large lunch of salt) that I’ve been swimming.

Sunday was junior parkrun day. As Daniel and I were leaving to head down to Riverside Park, Connor decided to join us which, as he’d only just got up, meant a rush to get him dressed and fed before driving to RP.

We made it in time and arrived at 8:30am, unloaded the equipment and headed straight out to set up the course. Both Daniel and Connor helped and we got back to the start area with a few minutes to spare. The turnout was massive. I did wonder whether we’d have enough finish tokens but with 125 junior finishers, it looks like the numbers in attendance were swelled by running parents. I suspect a few were using the 2km run as a means of getting some more exercise as part of a New Year’s Resolution.

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