An unexpected award

As I was traveling back from Malta on Saturday and Denise had already arranged a night out, I was unable to attend the Southampton Tri Club Christmas meal. This was the 2nd year I’d not been able to attend 😦

However, rather than mope, I decided to start reading Debra Bourne’s book about the first 10 years of parkrun and then have an early night.

After a relatively good night’s sleep I woke up and while eating breakfast checked what had been happening on Facebook. A rather intriguing post from Tamsyn implied that we’d both won an award. For what I want sure but guessed it must be related to STC.

Having dug around, I spotted a post on the STC Facebook page that said I’d won the Best New Male Triathlete Award. Uh? I was flabbergasted! What had I done to deserve such an award? I was delighted to have been chosen alongside such greats as Liz, Tamsyn and Sonia. They all deserved their prizes. Not sure I’m as deserving but I’m not handing the award back without a fight!!

Many thanks to those that chose me, too all my friends in the club (and for their encouragement and support at events) and for the coaches that have helped improve my swimming especially Peter and Steve Cooke. Steve, in particular, has been very supportive and encouraging.

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