Turning my frown upside down

For the last month or so, I’ve felt a bit ‘glum’. It’s difficult to put a reason to this feeling. It could just be the weather or a combination of a multitude of other minor reasons but I know it’s nothing to worry about. Those minor reasons for feeling negative have included negativity towards a contribution I’ve tried to make, uncertainty about the future, work-related negativity and sometimes just the negativity of others.

In life, I’m very positive generally, I have goals and, more often than not, achieve them. I like to make things happen. I do like to see others being happy over and above my own happiness (but not at the expense of my happiness).

In truth, my mood has been a little self-perpetuating. I’ve put on weight, I’ve not swum our cycled for over a month and I’ve struggled to focus. None of those things have made me feel more positive though.

However, alongside the negatives, there have been many things to be positive about. Most of these thIngs have been due to what other people have done or said and they probably have no clue that the fact that they did something without a moment s thought could lead to a posmotive impact on someone else. These moments have included banter with friends, meeting new people, seeing someone unexpectedly, the potential of new opportunities on the horizon or something as simple as receiving a message on Facebook.

My mood can often become polarised in a millisecond and be triggered by the simplest of things.

I know several people who suffer from depression and until quite recently couldn’t understand why most of those who had so much to be positive about could be depressed. However, the complexities of the human brain (and mind) mean that it doesn’t always act as we’d like. It’s amazing just how much of an improvement medication can make on those that suffer. Truly amazing in fact.

But, I don’t advocate giving out antidepressants to all and sundry though. I truly believe that exercise is one of the most effective ways of combating depression and does so in the much the same way that medicines do artificially. From personal experience I know that missing a workout can easily turn a good day into a not-so-good day and visa versa. I suspect that scaling back my exercise activities since the Weymouth Half Triathlon has been partly responsible for my mood of late (and a contributor alongside ‘comfort’ eating in paying on a stone in weight).

So, I have a plan. I’m refocusing on my activities. I’m getting back in the pool and back on my bike. I’m including a couple of strength and conditioning sessions per week and I’ve set myself a couple of ambitious goals for 2015. Two are fitness-related. One isn’t. I’ll share them soon.

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