Lordshill Mile 2014 #4

I’ve had a hectic few weeks and need to write some more blog posts but thought that I’d quickly post about last night’s Lordshill Mile event.

Right up until 15 minutes before I left the house, I wasn’t sure whether I’d run at the event. Daniel and Connor weren’t sure whether they wanted to go but then decided they would and that they’d both run.

I’d spent my lunchtime preparing for the event (collating signs and finish funnel, updating the magic-mile website for the new event and preparing my briefing notes.

We left home at 5:20pm and arrived about 20 minutes later and walked to the Hawthorns at the same time as Pete and Chris.

While I set up the finish funnel and results processing equipment, the boys played in and around the stream.

Other volunteers started to arrive as well as runners from Lordshill and a few from other clubs.

Chris had asked that I give the event briefing so I did that before the first of the two waves.


We had chosen to have the slower wave first aimed at those expecting to complete the mile in over 7 minutes. This was the wave that Daniel, Connor and I would run together. As we headed over to the start line just north of the Cowherds, both boys were keen to run. The number of runners in the wave was much more than I expected and there were a few participants who should have considered the 2nd wave including Becky and Tom.

As we lined up at the start, Daniel and Connor help my hands and we were ready.


Chris counted down to the start and we were off. Fortunately, Daniel let go of my hand fairly quickly and I suggested he run on. He agreed and gradually pulled away.

Connor kept looking around and I had to keep reminding him that he tripped over at the last mile event he attended and I had to carry him across the finish line crying (Connor not me!)

As we ran around the course, Connor held my hand for most of the way and on occasion decided to try and race me. At one point, he almost tripped us both over. D’oh!


When we reached The Flats I reminded Connor to be careful of the sleeping policemen and with 100m to go suggested he sprint to the finish which he did! As he reached the funnel, he got lots of encouragement from those stood around the area and promptly tripped over in the funnel. Numpty!

Daniel had finished about 45 seconds ahead of us with Connor and I crossing the line in 10:30.


As the boys went off to play (aka wrestle), I went to process the results before mentally preparing myself for wave 2; the wave I’d run at race pace… hopefully.

With the results processed, it was time to join the others racing in wave 2 on the walk to the start. Teri had very kindly offered to look after the boys and told them the one and only rule. No fighting. They broke the rule within seconds and had to be reminded in a very (mock) stern voice of the rule!

As we lined up for the start, Teri got the boys to practice shouting ‘go’ several times and we waited for the countdown. We were off… until a false start was announced as Chris spotted a group from British Military Fitness taking up most of the path 200m ahead.

We waited for them to peel off onto the grass and held back as a couple of female Nordic walkers went by. In fact, they’d held their position for 200m or so and had no intention of moving across the path to allow us to start with one of the women barging into one of the runners and muttering as she reached us at the start line. She was clearly making a point about her right to use the footpath which is completely fair. However, had a runner barged into her, I’m sure the council would have received a complaint.

Anyway… Once the two ladies had passed, we were set off. It wasn’t long until the wave spread out with me at the back. I wasn’t too far behind Mick Anglim and kept most of the runners in my sights for the full distance.

I was giving it my all and wanted to PB. Before I’d set off, Becky had let me know that she’d PBd in the first wave in 6:31. This was my target to beat as it was a second quicker than my PB!

As I got within a few hundred metres of the finish, I summoned up all the energy I had and sprinted for the finish line. It was going to be close!


I crossed the line in 6:27! Boom! I’d PB’d and gone faster than Becky. I didn’t let her know first of all and when she asked I said about 7 minutes. I was spent and the boys insisted on showing me the conkers they collected. I was more interested in trying to recover but tried to sound interested. I suspect I failed on the latter.

As I headed for the gazebo to process the results, the sweat was dripping off me (too much info?!) Once done, I made my way back to Becky and Lottie and Becky asked me what my finish time was. I showed her my Garmin which showed 6:27! 😛 Sorry Becky!! Of course had I not run in the previous wave I may have been quicker…

It was then time to pack up and head home. Another great Lordshill event and one I’m proud to be associated with. We had a handful of runners from other clubs and I hope more will participate in the series next year. The events are free and fun and have no barriers to entry. If you’ve not already registered, why no do so today at http://www.magic-mile.co.uk

Many thanks to Emily Smith for the photos!

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