70.3 Tri week 7 – quack, back oops!

Having been in Malta last week, my training went a little off the rails. However, I did manage a couple of 5-6km runs and some swimming (ocean and pool) so it wasn’t a complete wash out.

On my return to the UK in the very early hours of Friday, I decided that family time would be the main goal for Friday and Saturday and that I’d try to get out on my bike on Sunday so I’d have a reasonable ride under my belt.

In fact, in Saturday, we went up to Airkix in Basingstoke where Daniel and I had 2 x 2 minute flights. I definitely felt more stable and think that if I go again in the next 3 weeks that I’ll maybe be able to progress to turns.

On Sunday, with Denise and the boys out for the afternoon, I was able to plan a ride of about 28km. First of all, I was Run Directing at Southampton Junior parkrun. Another excellent event.

After a trip to Sprinkles for coffee with Chris Stocks, I headed home, got some chores done and then got ready for my ride.

The weather was good as I left and I decided to try a new route, heading out to Botley and then Titchfield. I ended up to my surprise in Whiteley. I’d only ever been there via the motorway so finding another route was quite interesting… to me at least!

Having cycled home (I don’t recall the route I used!), I got some more chores done and then took the boys to their swimming lessons where Daniel demonstrated some great bilateral breathing. Jealous!

On Monday, I was planning to do a treadmill run (1 hour) but as the weather was good, I chose to go out instead and enjoy the sunshine and heat. It was lovely and definitely a good choice.

It was the STC swim session in the evening and as I watched the previous session, it looked like a challenging one. The session consisted of:

200m warmup (f/c)
200m pull
15 x 100m f/c off of 2:10

I was doing pretty well for the first 8 or 9 of the 100m sets until the cramp set in. It started in my toes and then worked its way up my legs until I was unable to bend them or keep my feet from acting like anchors. I opted to use a pull buoy for the last few sets and know I dropped about 150m from the set. It wouldn’t have been fair on the others in the lane to have kept them waiting.

It would appear that I wasn’t the only one suffering from cramp as Pete in my lane and Steve from the previous session were suffering too.

In the cool down, I used the pull buoy while doing breaststroke in the hope that’d help. In fact, it meant my posture wasn’t right and my back started to get achy.

Having cooled down, at the end of the session, I walked scarecrow-like to the changing room. As I started to get ready to leave the muscles in the left side of my back spasmed/twinged and I sat down in agony. Getting up was them a challenge as was bending down to pick things up. Having praised myself recent on how injury-free I’d been, a bad back looked like it was going to screw up my training plans…

… And so it has. I’ve spent the last 2 days struggling to walk, lay down, sit down, get up, stand up straight. You get the idea. I’ve missed 2 rides and the Wednesday morning STX swim and it looks like it’ll be a fee more days until I can consider running, cycling or swimming. The good news is that I’ve got a sports massage with Tiff tomorrow evening where I hope to get some relief from the pain.

In other news, after over a year of weekly Run Camp sessions I’ve decided that in order to fit my triathlon training in that I’ll have to, very reluctantly, miss the next 3 months of Run Camp sessions. I simply can’t find enough mornings and lunchtimes to fit long rides and runs in especially as the my increase in duration. I’ll really miss the banter of the fellow Run Campers and am looking forward to rejoining the sessions in mid September. Until then, and once my training gets back on schedule, my focus is on nailing my half distance triathlon plan.

Hope to have some more positive news in my next post.

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