Tri 70.3 week 5 – a quick mid-week update

Having posted two ‘meet a triathlon friend’ posts (with Neil and Ian), I could have probably got away without another post today but have a spare 15 minutes while waiting for Daniel to finish his diving lesson so thought I’d work on a mid-week update.

In reality, I’m struggling to remember what day of the week it is so have had to re-check my blog posts to find out.

So… yesterday I had the usual Tuesday session of a 45 minute cycle + 15 minute run. I used my usual route and have little more to say really. I thought I’d cycled faster than my Garmin shoes (wishful thinking) but did manage to hit a red light at every set of traffic lights between home and Botley so I’ll blame that.

The good news is whatever Tobie at Bike Guy did to my bike last week has worked. No more tapping noise. Hooray!!

As usual the brick session run wasn’t quite as soon after the cycle ride as it should have been or I’d have liked but I did it so I’ll get over it.

Today I had the usual early start with the STC swim session. I shared the lane with Sonia, Jon and Paul and felt as if I did pretty well keeping on Sonia’s toes (or as close as is socially swim-acceptable). The session didn’t feel quite as tough as some of the recent ones which was welcome. As usual, with a session with so many sets, I can’t really recall what we did and my Garmin stats give little more away. I know that we did 300m of kick drills that my Garmin didn’t record though.

That was it for the day. 5 sessions completed so far this week.

I’ve got 3 more early morning sessions. Normally I’d be going to the track for Run Camp but Coach Ant is away so I’ve amended my plan and scheduled in a 2:45 cycle ride. The plan is to get out early and home by 8am. Wish me luck with that!! I’d normally have a lie in until 7am on a Friday but have plans for a 90 minute run to Shirley and back with the aim of getting home by 7:30am. I don’t mind the early starts. In fact, without them, I’d not be able to do anywhere near as much training but I always wake up at least an hour before my alarm so when it’s set for 4:40am, I’m awake shortly after 3am. ARGHHHH!!!

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