Tri 70.3 week 5 – part 1

A quarter of my plan complete and 12 weeks to go. As I’ve mentioned, so far things are on track and I’m nailing my sessions pretty well.

I’ve followed plans before but have been known to lose impetus midway through. Things will be different this time though (I know I’ve said it before) and I’ll see things through to the end. I guess that in the past I’ve almost always completed the distance I’m training for and therefore gone ‘off plan’ to fit my training to my life (and possibly laziness). However, this time, the challenge is more of a challenge than I’m used to and I know that if I go off plan that:

(a) my cycling will suffer and, as the discipline which could have the greatest impact on the rest of the event, I don’t want that to happen

(b) I’ll suffer on the run and that could have a disastrous impact on race day

The plan is definitely challenging with most days having 2 sessions. For example, this week’s plan looks like the following:

1 hour Z2 run
1 hour swim

45 minute cycle
15 minute run

1 hour 20 swim

2:45 cycle ride
15 minute run

1:30 run

I’m trying not to use the word challenging too many times… but failing…

It’s a challenging week and I’m adapting things a little as I’d like to do the Aquathlon at Lakeside on Thursday plus I’ve got final prep for the Lordshill 10K and next week’s trip to Malta. In reality, I may have to ditch my Aquathlon plans which would be disappointing but not the end of the world particularly as it clashes with a school evening event.

Also, I’m busy on Saturday (family beach day) and Sunday (LRR 10K) so will take those as rest days.

I’m not too sure what opportunities I’ll get to train next week while in Malta. I’m hoping to run and swim but workload and availability of a pool may mean I can’t. We’ll see. Even if I can’t do either, I plan to try and do some S&C work and will take run/swim kit just in case. The flight home is on Thursday so I’ll still have Friday to Sunday to do some catch up.

Anyway, so far I’ve had one day of training this week comprising of a slow (Z2) treadmill run and the usual Monday STC swim.

I’m doing my Monday runs on the treadmill for a few reasons:

1) I can focus on keeping within the correct heart rate zone
2) I can bail if there are any work issues
3) the impact is less than on tarmac and therefore, hopefully, I’ll stay injury-free (I’m still suffering from an inflamed achilles).

Having said about keeping in the correct HRZ, it would help if I didn’t keep losing my HRM (the black bit that clips to the chest strap).

Apart from not having my HRM on, my Z2 run was uneventful and I met my requirements of a steady slow run for an hour.

The STC swim was another challenging one. I chose to swim in lane 2 to push myself and am glad I did.

We started the session with a 200m front crawl warmup and then did some breaststroke pull sets (4x50m).

The main efforts were 4 x 400m front crawl:

Effort 1: easy
Effort 2: steady
Effort 3: fast (race pace)
Effort 4: easy

with 20 seconds recovery between efforts.

I managed to keep up with the rest of the lane for efforts 1 and 2 but my race pace was a lot more sedate than 2 of the 3 other swimmers in the lane so got lapped on lap 10 of the 3rd effort. They came in a lap ahead of me which, given they started 15-20m ahead of me meant they finished 25-30m ahead over the 16 lengths. Slightly disappointing but I guess it shows the spread in abilities in the lane.

We finished off the session with some tumble-turn practice. This started with 4 lengths of swimming a length with doing a tumble mid-length. Interesting.

We then proceeded to try tumbles at the wall. I lost orientation and headed to the bottom of the pool a few times and got stuck upside down with my feet poking above the surface once it more. I’m beginning to think that I should take up synchronised swimming…

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