There aren’t enough hours in a day

As a father, husband, director of a high revenue but small head count company and triathlete there are simply not enough hours in the day to fit everything in.

I’ve been lucky to have some flexibility of being a home worker to work slightly flexible hours to accommodate family life, race directing and other Lordshill Road Runner duties, parkrun ambassadorial and event directing, training etc into each 24 hours but with a big reorganisation at work something has to change. I like to do the best I possibly can at all I possibly can but doing too much in too little tune means that, ultimately, something ends up suffering.

There are some things I’m not going to compromise on. These are family, junior parkrun and training.

My family mean everything to me. I’ve been very lucky to be a Dad who gets to wave his children off as they go to school and welcome them when they get home. I’ve been able to help in their schools and spend far more time seeing them grow up than many other dads. That definitely isn’t going to change.

Junior parkrun is a big part of my life. That’s partly because it’s something I get to enjoy with my boys but also because I’m passionate about getting children active in a fun, friendly and safe environment. I make no secret of the fact that I started Southampton junior parkrun as Daniel wanted an event ‘in his garden’ and can’t see a time when I’m not actively involved each week in this amazing event.

Training for triathlon is certainly time consuming. Fortunately, I’m able to squeeze several sessions of training in per week before 7:30am which means it has little impact on any other aspect of my life. I try to use 2-3 lunch hours per week too to ensure that evenings are free for family time.

I’ve scaled back on the number of events I do at weekends to allow me to spend time with the family and help at junior parkrun as regularly as I can whilst giving me the opportunity to run regularly at parkrun on a Saturday and the occasional lake swim, both of which I can do and be home by 10am. Although, there’s a temptation to participate in every RR10, CC6, triathlon, running event, etc, etc, etc, I’ve chosen a select-few events this year. That means I’ve not competed in several events I’d normally do (including Stubbington and Netley 10k races) and I’ll not be doing the Great South Run. The Gosport Half is a maybe.

I’ll be scaling back on anything else. That means that I’ll not be putting myself forward to race direct this year’s Lordshill 10 mile race and will consider whether I have time to commit to a committee role within the club next year. It’s a great club but being involved as Vice Chairman, Race Director etc takes valuable time that I think should be invested elsewhere. I don’t have the time to participate in the club’s training sessions and am not competing for the club at many of the local races and league events etc. Maybe scaling back in committee duties will mean that next year I can enjoy some of the benefits of my membership fee.

The club’s big enough and has a big-enough membership that the impact of my decreased involvement behind the scenes is likely to be negligible. The same people get involved behind the scenes and it would be great to ease the load and see others stepping forward to get involved, even in a small way, to keep the club running and help with its continued improvement.

One aspect of the club I will definitely still want to be actively involved with is the Lordshill Mile Series. This is ‘my baby’ having held the mile events before approaching the club to ask if they could help keep them going.

So, there you go. Big decision made.

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