Tri 70.3 week 4 – rounding off the week

Rather than give you an omnibus of my exciting training sessions, I’m trying to post once or twice a week to keep you interested (it’s a stretch huh?!) and want you begging for more (no need to comment!)

So, the last time I posted myself, I was in bed and trying to get a few minutes sleep before having to get up for Wednesday’s STC swim session. As usual the desire to stay in bed was strong but my dedication (obsession?!) stronger. I got up, made it to swimming and had a cracking session along with Jan, Jon, Neil and new lane 3 recruit, Paul. The session was yet another good one and worth getting up for. We covered 3.2km in all so one of my longest swims… ever!

In the evening, several LRR members were meeting at Adanac Park to recce the Lordshill 10K course by bike. As I needed a long ride of 2 hours 15 minutes, I decided to cycle there and back. Teri had also wanted to go and as she’s not ecstatic cycling in traffic, I offered to meet her so we could cycle together. However, it didn’t give me much time so I ended up rushing out of the door wearing a few too many layers.

On the way to Hill Lane via Bassett Green Road, I was sweating buckets as I cycled the climb. I should have stopped and lost a layer but I was on a tight schedule!

Cycling down the Avenue was its usual joyous experience of avoiding becoming road kill whilst also dodging the nasty potholes. It doesn’t work if you cycle tentatively on such a busy road so I zipped up my mansuit (ventilation and core body temperature clearly not high on my priority list even with that metaphor!) and made my intentions known. I wasn’t going to hug the gutter and also got into the right lane for direction changes early.

I met Teri at the Bellemoor entrance as LRR were meeting for their training session and then we rode to Adanac Park. We arrived as Jim turned up and discussed the bollard issue for the LRR 10K.

As Chris, Di, Mike, Meg and Lynda arrived, we headed off for the 10K ride. It was a very slow ride with stops every km to mark the positions for distance markers. As my training called for a Z1/Z2 ride, the evening would do… just.

It was dusk as we arrived back at the Ordnance Survey HQ and I was glad that I had my lights and layers for the ride home.

The ride home was uneventful and I got home just before 10pm. The things I do for LRR! 😉

After a late night, I wasn’t too keen on an early start of Thursday morning but as it was Run Camp, staying in bed wasn’t an option. Could I get away with sleeping through my alarm? Um, no!

The session consisted of 5 x 3 minute efforts with 3 minute recovery. Another tough session although the recoveries were much appreciated.

I covered between 705 and 715m on each interval and was really consistent each time.

To round off the session, we had to do 2 x 400m efforts. Eek! I completed the first in 1:19 and the second in 1:32. Even impressed myself!

At lunchtime, I did a 45 minute cycle ride on my usual route through Botley. I thought I’d managed a few PRs but it wasn’t to be.

On Friday, it was long run day. I was planning a 90 minute run but ran for 80 instead. It was hot, I was a little tight on time and I’ve run out of excuses. Let’s both get over it!! A good run though and in the right heart rate zone range.

Saturday was my last training day of the week and I had to be home early as we had plans for the afternoon and evening. I started the day with a lake swim at Lakeside. Donna and Teri were swimming too. I decided to swim without a wetsuit. Not sure why. Temporary insanity I guess. I appeared to be the only one suffering from it though as many of the other OW swimmers were in wetsuits.

As we entered the ‘pond’, I briefly regretted my decision but it was warm until one brief moment where, well, you can imagine. Once I’d submerged the area above my waist, it didn’t take too long to get used to the water temperature.

I swam 5 laps with a short break after each lap. I was noticeably slower without the buoyancy of the neoprene. Donna managed 5 laps in the time it took me to swim 4.

Ian Boshier was also in the lake. He was still very happy about his half distance triathlon. I don’t blame him.

After my swim, Teri and I headed off to Southampton parkrun but bumped in to Donna who’d stocked up on cake at the Lakeside Cafe.

I had considered wearing my Tri Suit to parkrun but having looked down certain bits of me were clearly warmer than they had been when I was in the lake. I didn’t have the benefit of a race number to hide any unsightly bulges. I took the wise decision to change into my running gear. I’m sure my fellow runners and anyone looking at the photos would be very grateful. There’s a time and place for men in Lycra. Saturday morning at 9am isn’t it!

I got to the Common at 8:30am and chatted with a few friends. Once the pre-run briefing was over, I spotted Teri and snuck in beside her. My plan was a relatively easy run although given the temperature and humidity made even an easy run far from it.

It’s always nice to run with friends although the conversation tends to get a little difficult on the inclines.

I completed the run in a sedate 26:26. Some way off my PB. Was a great run anyway.

Today (Sunday) has been a rest day. Rest days include junior parkrun though. It was a great event today. 130+ juniors plus parents.

It’s becoming a bit of a struggle to fit training, ever-increasing workloads and everything else in my life into the limited time I have available and I decided today that something has to give. That means that I’ll be scaling back on some of the things that I do. Junior parkrun and training are both safe as are my parkrun Ambassadorial duties (although my focus may change there). Everything else apart from family, work and training is going to be in jeopardy. Some big decisions to make in the coming weeks and months.

So, that’s my week of training. Over 10 hours this week and even more next week.


1/4 of the way through my 16 week training programme and still feeling confident.

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