Tri 70.3 week 4 – training so far and an inspirational triathlete

Training is going well. I’m feeling positive about progress to date and am sticking to my plan.

I have to say that there’s one person that’s recently inspired me and made me feel like I can achieve a reasonable time at Challenge Weymouth. Ian Boshier. Ian took part in the Cotswold 113 half distance triathlon last weekend and put in a phenomenal performance. He was competing with several triathlon friends including Chris, Chris and Ben and finished quicker than all of them in 5 hours and 7 seconds, even though Chris and Ben from Try Tri are both strong triathletes and much younger than Ian. I am not in the same league as Ian at all as he’s really fast on the bike (his sport) and quicker on the run (solid training and sessions at The Running School) but it’s inspiring to see how he’s progressed in the sport in such a short time.

Anyway, back to me (!)…

This week’s training is going well. On Monday, my lunchtime session consisted of the usual. A 45 minute run in zone 2. As usual, I did this on the treadmill with an incline of 1-2%. Nothing else to write home about.

In the evening, I did the STC swim. As Peter was coaching lanes 1 and 2, I looked at the number of swimmers in each lane and the calibre of those in each of the lanes and chose to swim in lane 1. I’d also thought that the session included a 1500m set and didn’t fancy being lapped constantly.

The session consisted of:

50m front crawl warm up
50m breaststroke warm up
25m sculling 10 deg
25m sculling 45 deg
50m sculling 90 deg
200m steady swim freestyle
300m steady swim freestyle
400m steady swim freestyle
400m fast swim (20 secs recovery)
300m fast swim (20 secs recovery)
25m freestyle
25m breaststroke

Although I didn’t struggle with the swimming, I did struggle with counting laps and using my Garmin. In fact, I was useless at both!!

Steve was swimming well and mentioned that he’d started a 30 day press up challenge and felt that was helping. I’ve decided to give it a go as I know that upper body strength is one of my (many) weaknesses. I’m using the Runtastic PushUps app and following the main plan.

Asa and Tamsyn were swimming well too. Although I’m sure they were frustrated with being lapped by myself, it was great to see how they’ve improved in recent weeks. Well done ladies.

Tuesday was a brick session. I did a 45 minute bike ride on my usual route and thought I’d be taking home several Strava PRs. As it turned out, I managed 1! :-S

The weather was great again although it was quite windy. My average speed is definitely increasing gradually and that’s largely down to simply spending more time in the saddle. As usual on my outdoor cycle rides, I forgot to wear my heart rate monitor. Numpty.

After the cycle, I got distracted with work but did a 15 minute treadmill run a little later in the day. Again, nothing exciting.

In other news, I’ve signed up for the rideride ‘geared up’ course on the 4th August. This course is all about gear adjustment and tuning. Another weakness of mine so hopefully I’ll learn something useful!

Still lots of training this week with long swim, ride, long run, Run Camp and a lake swim. I should hit about 10 hours of training if all goes to plan.

I keep meeting people that read by blog. I write ii mainly as a diary for me so that when I’m old (ok older) I can look back and remember just how dull my life was and wonder why I thought to share that dullness with anyone with the occasional odd 5 minutes to waste!! Most likely helping to make your life, dear reader, feel far more exciting 😉

It’s Wednesday morning and I’ve got 20 minutes before I need to get up for the STC swim session. Better try and get a few minutes nap before I have to get up. We both know (and I’m hoping that I’m not alone and that at least one person’s reading this latest instalment of my training memoirs) that’s unlikely to happen.

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