Tri 70.3 week 4 – the rest of the week review

I left you on tender hooks (who do I think I’m kidding?) on Wednesday as I posted that it was about 5am and I was just about to start the STC swim session.

It seems like that session was weeks ago rather than days. It was another toughy. Sonia, Jan, Neil and Jon were there and the session consisted of lots of 50 and 25 minute efforts. As always, the 80 minute session passed pretty quickly. With 53 sets making up the session, we swam over 3km.

On Wednesday lunchtime, I went out for a bike ride. It was due to be a 45 minute session (ideal duration for a lunchtime) but I stopped my Garmin at some traffic lights and forgot to restart. I therefore recorded 41 minutes. Still a decent ride and I managed to get a few PRs on Strava. Little things…

Thursday started as it usually does with Run Camp at the track at Southampton Sports Centre. As I arrived, Ant drove by. As 6:30am arrived, it looked like I may be the only one participating. Fortunately, super-speedy Steve arrived. As we started our warmup laps, Tamsyn, Jenny and Liz arrived and joined us.

After the usual warmup 800m, we did the usual high-knees and bum-kicks set and then moved onto the main efforts which consisted of:

Lap 1: 1 lap easy
Recovery at 50% of lap 1 duration

Lap 2: 1 lap @ 5km pace
Recovery at 50% of lap 2 duration

Lap 3: 1 lap @ 3km pace
Recovery at 50% of lap 3 duration

Lap 4: 1 lap @ flat out pace
Recovery at 50% of lap 4 duration

Lap 5: 1 lap @ 3km pace
Recovery at 50% of lap 5 duration

Lap 6: 1 lap @ 5km pace
Recovery at 50% of lap 6 duration

Lap 7: 1 lap easy
Recovery at 50% of lap 7 duration

We then finished up with some S&C which consisted of using hurdles in a square and having to hop on 2 feet forward, right, back and left and then doing the same with single leg hops. Nasty!! Hopping backwards is completely unnatural!! In fact, hurdles should be banned.

Fortunately, that was all for my training for Thursday!!

On Friday, I started work early and finished late so that I could fit my planned session in. That session consisted of a 1 hour 45 minute cycle ride followed by a short 15 minute run. I chose a route that I’d done before with Neil although I’d forgotten quite how hilly it was. In fact it included 460m elevation gain (1509 ft). Fortunately, the weather was lovely and I’d made sure I’d put sun cream on otherwise I’d have got pretty burnt.

I didn’t quite manage a quick transition to the run due to having to resolve a work issue but still managed the 15 minute treadmill run before it was too late for my legs to have recovered from the cycle.

I had a dilemma on Saturday. My plan called for a 90 minute slow run. However, I wasn’t sure whether to add in a parkrun or a lake swim. After a bad night’s sleep due to Denise trying to break a world record for the longest and loudest snoring, I decided to miss both parkrun and the lake swim and go out for a run later in the day. That worked out better as Daniel and I were heading to Woodmill for a 1 hour kayaking discovery session at 10am and fitting anything else in before would have meant an early start and some logistics.

My run went ok. I had planned a route but roadworks and a blocked footpath meant that I deviated from my intended route and went a different way. As the path I was taking got narrower and narrower and more overgrown with tall grass, brambles and stinging nettles, I started regretting my decision but chose to carry on rather than turn back in the hope that the path would widen and become less painful. It didn’t. At least not for a while. Fortunately, the muddy puddles which were almost ankle deep and stinking took my mind off the stings as I ran along. I say ran but the reality was that the grass was so long that at times I had to walk.

I eventually emerged on the outskirts of Botley and took a road that I knew would take me back to Hedge End.

The rest of the run was uneventful. Hooray!!

That was the last session of the week. 8 1/2 hours of training comprising of about 3 hours of running, 3 hours of cycling and 2 1/2 hours of cycling.

Roll on next week when the training steps up a notch. Expect more early starts!

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