Tri 70.3 week 2 – summary

It’s 50 days until Thunder Run and 100 days until Challenge Weymouth (and 1750 until my 50th birthday!)

Week 2 of the training plan for Weymouth has quite gone to plan. It’s partly due to the fact I’m doing Blenheim Tri on Sunday and partly due to my bike being off the road. Oh, and partly due to the QBR. Did I mention that?

After last week’s ride and my inability to change gear, I contacted Bike Guy, Tobie, to see if he could take a look. Tobie provides an excellent service. Based in Southampton, he offers a collection and drop-off service across the area as well as, most importantly, well-priced bike servicing and repair. Several of my friends make use of Bike Guy so he was an obvious choice.

Having emailed, Tobie collected my bike the following day. We spoke about the issue and he offered some suggestions as to the cause and potential solutions. He then took the bike for a quick spin down the road to experience the problem himself. Then he was off, with my bike, so I was bike-less. Argh!!

My training plan consisted of a 45 minute run (Z2) as well as a swim for the day.

I chose to do a treadmill run again as I was aiming at a specific heart rate zone and cranked out just over 7.2km at a steady pace.

Later in the afternoon, Tobie emailed about what he’d found and said that he’d return the bike on Thursday with new cable set, adjusted and re-indexed mech, a general service, handlebars re-taped (white handlebar tape never looks clean!) and a clean and polish.

We also got into a conversation as to what upgrades to consider in the future. As the mech on the Boardman is a little sloppy, I’d have assumed that Tobie would recommend a new groupset but no. He recommended new wheels and gave some suggestions.

In the evening, I did the STC swim which consisted of a short warmup before lots and lots of short intervals. Another good session.

On Tuesday, my plan called for a brick session. However, I chose a rest day. No excuses.

Moving on. On Wednesday, it was the Queen’s Baton Relay which I’ve already bored you with. I’ve also mentioned my ‘not-quite-10K’ so won’t detail that again.

Thursday started early with Run Camp. That wasn’t an overly pleasant experience with a short warm up followed by a pyramid set with a S&C set as recovery. Oh, how we smiled about that. I think we (Jules, Tamsyn, Liz, Katherine and Jenny) were all unanimous about our view that the session was tough and unpleasant but at the end of it, we were all saying what a great session it was. :-S

Tobie returned my bike mid-morning but I didn’t get chance to get out for a ride. However, the bike looked much better having new bar-tape and having been polished.

On Friday, I took the bike out for its first spin since its TLC from Bike Guy. I decided that a 45 minute ride was a good session so headed to Botley.

The gear changes were much smoother and crisper. Tobie had clearly resolved the issue. However, about 10 minutes into the ride, there was an annoying creak/tap at the bottom of every left pedal stroke.

I couldn’t work out what the cause was but noticed the creak disappeared when I was out of the saddle. I emailed Tobie after the ride and we discussed various causes. The main candidates were cleats that weren’t completely secure, a creaky saddle vibrating through the seat post or a lose pedal. Since the ride, I’ve addressed each of those issues but haven’t had time to check the bike out since. We’ll find out on Sunday at the Blenheim Triathlon.

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