Tri 70.3 training week 1 plus Eastleigh Aquathlon and my parkrun CV – part 1

With Challenge Weymouth Half distance triathlon 16 weeks away, this has been my first week of training for the event.

As I mentioned, I’m using a plan from IronFit Secrets for Half Iron-Distance Triathlon Success and adapting it a little to fit in with the days I already swim.

This week’s scheduled sessions consisted of the following:


I’ve done fairly well so far.

Monday -45 min run in HR Zone 2:

As it was a Bank Holiday, I decided to get up early and do the session on the treadmill so it would not impact on the family. That worked perfectly. Also, the treadmill meant I could concentrate on keeping within the right heart rate zone.

Unfortunately, as it was a Bank Holiday, there was no STC swim session so I had planned to do a lake swim on Tuesday morning instead…

Tuesday – lake swim and brick session

So, the plan to lake swim didn’t work out. Although I had everything prepared, Daniel joined me for a cuddle at about 5am and as he’s unlikely to want Daddy-cuddles for much longer as he’s 8, I thought that the opportunity shouldn’t be spoiled by rushing out for a swim. It was the right decision. I’ll have plenty of opportunity to swim when he can’t stand the sight of me in his teens.

However, cuddles didn’t derail all my plans as I had a lunchtime session comprising a 30 minute ride and then a 15 minute run.

Having had my gears reindexed, the bike ride went well and it was great to get back on the road. The transition went well too and I got out for the 15 minute run. Both sessions were supposed to be in Z2 but after the bike, my HR was elevated and I crept into Z3 on the run I wasn’t too concerned.

Wednesday – STC swim and 45 min bike ride

Another double-session day. The first session was the early morning STC swim session with Sonia, Jan, Neil and (briefly) Jon (he moved up a lane mid-session). The session consisted of lots of 100s and 50s with lots of use of ‘toys’ (pull buoys, fins, paddles). It was yet another good session.

At lunchtime, as the weather was a little ropey, I decided to do the 45 minute bike session on the turbo trainer. This gave me the opportunity to catch up on a couple of Sky+d programmes whilst getting some bike time in.

I forgot to put my HRM on so couldn’t tell you if I was in the right zone but I probably wasn’t!

Thursday – Rest day

Although my plan calls for a rest day on Thursday, it’s Run Camp day so a little opportunity for some extra training. I drove to Southampton Sports Centre and was joined by Steve, Jules and Liz. A very select few. The session consisted of:

2 min effort: 490m (4:05 pace)
1 min recovery
4 min effort: 940m (4:15 pace)
1:30 min recovery
6 min effort: 1310m (4:35 pace)
2 min recovery
4 min effort: 860m (4:47 pace)
1:30 min recovery
2 min effort: 460m (4:24)

I over-cooked the first interval and suffered a lot later in the session but can’t complain. It was another great session!

When I got home and changed, a reporter from Breeze FM came around to interview me about the Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton Relay. The reporter had 4 questions to ask and them left. A little short and he clearly had little idea who I was or why I’d been chosen as a Baton Bearer and was simply fulfilling his brief… to the letter.

Eastleigh Aquathlon:

In the evening, I’d originally planned to compete in the Eastleigh Aquathlon. However, the start time wasn’t until 7pm and I had to chair a LRR Committee meeting at 7:45pm in Redbridge Lane which meant I’d not be able to do both.

I decided that I still wanted to be part of the event so headed down at 6:15pm to spectate and give some encouragement to friends taking part.

As I parked at Lakeside Country Park (also known as Eastleigh Lakes), Chris Stocks drove in. We walked to registration and, on the way, bumped into Donna who was just heading back to her car to collect her wetsuit. At registration, we said hi to Chris Rees and Ben Cook from TryTri, the organisers of the event.

Then I spotted Teri and Nick and spoke to them. Before long, we were joined by Tamsyn, Stuart, Katherine, Liz, Ian, Paul Hammond (who was taking photos), George Sellors, Sergo, Sonia and Kev Yates (later joined by Alice) and several other friends.

As everyone got ready, putting on their wetsuits and setting up for transition, I felt a little sad that I wasn’t competing. Next time!

Ben, who was Race Director, gave his race briefing and then the competitors made their way to swim entry.

Having tentatively walked, staggered or bum-shuffled (it didn’t go unnoticed Sonia) their way into the lake, there was time to do a warmup, swim to the start line and then they were off.

I moved from swim entry to swim exit and chatted with TryTri’s MD, Chris Rees, while waiting for the swimmers to exit the lake and head to transition.






Having taken photos of everyone I knew, I made a move at 6:25pm and headed off to Oasis Academy for the committee meeting.














Friday – 1:15 ride

The Friday session of my plan is probably going to be the most challenging mainly due to the fact that the session duration on the bike starts at 1:15 hours and works up to over 4 hours. This is likely to be the part of the week where I have to compromise the most. However, today worked well. I started work early so I could take a slightly long lunch. I’d mapped out a 32km route and prepared for the ride.

Fortunately, the weather was on my side and again, it was great to get out on the bike.

My route took me from West End to Hedge End, Botley, Horton Heath, Colden Common, Fair Oak and then back home.

It was a lovely, undulating ride and I managed some half-decent riding until my gears started to play up. I simply couldn’t change to the larger cog on the front derailleur. Grrrr! It seems that this is a weakness of the gearing on the Boardman with the SRAM Apex. I did some googling and it sounds like a cheap solution is to change the cable set which several sources claim lets down what is not a bad set of derailleurs. I am planning to try this, or at least, getting someone mechanically minded to do so!

In the evening, I prepared for Saturday morning’s activities. Whilst doing so I got a message from Ian Fearon. Ian is a runner, a triathlete and Run Director at Southampton parkrun. Although Ian knew I was fairly actively involved in parkrun, he was asking more about my involvement – most likely to try and understand why I’d been chosen as a Commonwealth Games Baton Bearer for Southampton. I’m sure lots of people are wondering why I was chosen including many friends I’ve met in the last year or two so I racked my brains trying to summarise what my parkrun CV consisted of.

In a nutshell, it goes something like:

May 2010: attended my first parkrun at Eastleigh
Summer 2010: started volunteering at Eastleigh parkrun
October 2010: unofficially became Event Director at Eastleigh having built new team of Run Directors
Winter 2010: organised move to Southampton Uni Sports Ground for winter season
Spring 2011: have advice to Poole parkrun team on setting up a parkrun in Poole
March 2012: founded Netley Abbey parkrun in 10 days and became Event Director
July 2012: founded Southampton parkrun and became Event Director
Winter 2012: helped secure funding and helped set up Winchester parkrun. Helped secure funding for Alice Holt parkrun
Spring 2013: stood down as Event Director at Eastleigh, Southampton and Netley Abbey parkruns. Helped with set up of Brockenhurst parkrun and Queen Elizabeth parkrun and became parkrun Ambassador
March 2013: completed by 50th parkrun
Summer 2013: helped set up Southsea parkrun
Autumn 2013: set up Southampton junior parkrun and became Event Director of that event

When summarised, it seems like a fair amount of parkrun-related activity alongside the opportunity to run 80 parkruns to date. As I’ve said many times, I love parkrun, it’s helped change my life and I love having helped open several new events and seeing the event teams make each event a success. Each success is down to a passionate event team, lots of great volunteers and the amazing communities that quickly build around each event. Although my involvement over the last 4 years has involved several hundred hours of volunteering, many more hours have been spent by the Event Directors, event teams and core volunteers to ensure their event’s success.

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