From TriathlonMan to, um, Triathlon Man!

It’s now only 4 months until the Challenge Weymouth Half distance triathlon!! My triathlon adventure actually started almost 4 years ago when I attended a fancy dress party for Tiff’s 30th birthday. The theme was super-heroes and I went as TriathlonMan! At the time, I’d only been running for a while and had run my first parkrun on the morning of the party. In honesty, I didn’t really know what a triathlon was let alone think that one day I’d be doing a long distance triathlon… and maybe, just maybe, contemplating an Ironman!! The irony is that I didn’t know that an Ironman was a type of triathlon either otherwise I’d have gone as Ironman (the triathlete version!)

Anyway, my 16-week plan starts in a matter of weeks but, before that, I’ve the Blenheim Sprint Triathlon to complete. Then the fun really starts with an anticipated 150 hours of training to prepare for the most challenging race of my life to date consisting of:

  • a 1.9km swim (1.2 miles) in Weymouth Bay,
  • a 90km bike ride (56 miles) and
  • a 23km run (14.3 miles)…

… all in one day… Back-to-back!! 

It’s been quite a journey from TriathlonMan and it’s not over yet!

From TriathlonMan to, um, Triathlon Man!

From TriathlonMan to, um, Triathlon Man!




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