Sprint triathlon training – week 6 – the rest of the week

This week seems to be a very long week. I looked back at my last blog post and can’t believe the things I’ve done were this week.

So, where was I?

Thursday – Run Camp

I really thought I’d blogged about Run Camp but can’t find the post. Must be my advancing years!

I had planned to cycle to Run Camp but a few things transpired against me so I ended up driving.

It was another great session consisting of the usual warmup and stretches and then 3 lots of the following:

  • 4 minute effort
  • 2 minute rest
  • 2 minute effort
  • 1 minute rest

I had a target of 850m for the 4 minute efforts and 450m for the 2 minute efforts. I exceeded the targets each time. Very happy about that.

On Thursday evening, I had a sports massage with Tiff who again found more painful muscles to inflict more pain on. I’m sure it did me good though!! My right Achilles was really sore and Tiff advised RICE to help alleviate the pain. It’s an issue I’ve had after most runs for over a year and I’ve now vowed to try and look after it by stretching and icing after runs.

Friday – lunchtime swim

As I’d only managed to swim once this week, I decided to do a lunchtime swim at Fleming Park. I had no real plan in mind and made it up as I went along.

The session turned into:

500m warmup
500m swim
50m cool down

The 500m swim but was due to be a 400m effort to see what I could do it in without race day adrenaline. I miscounted my laps and ended up doing an extra 100m. D’oh!

Saturday – 5km tempo run

On Saturday morning, Denise and Daniel headed to London for the weekend so Connor and I had a boys weekend. We started with a visit to Winchester parkrun for their 1st anniversary and also Neil Garton’s 100th parkrun.

It was great to see many parkrun friends and chat with many of them. I was volunteering at the event (barcode scanning) whilst Connor was being a cheeky clown. A role he excels at!! He did help collect the position tokens too!

After the run, we went up to the cafe at River Park Leisure Centre for a coffee before heading off to Paultons Park for a couple of windy hours on the rides. The park was filled with screeching girls (groups from Rainbows, Brownies and Guides) and that meant that the rides were a little longer than possible.

After Paultons, we headed to Romsey Rapids for a ‘swim’ which was fun but involved not a single stroke of swimming. As parents, trips to the pool inevitably involve bobbing about rather than swimming.

When I got home, I tallied up my consumed calories and decided that if I wanted to treat myself to a couple of edible treats that I’d have to burn some calories so had go decide whether to get on the turbo trainer/rollers or on the treadmill. Against Tiff’s advice of rest, I went on that treadmill with the aim of a 5km tempo run. I wanted to see just how fast I could go without killing myself.

I ramped up the pace to 10kmph and then 11kmph before easing up to 12kmph. A 23 minute 5km looked like I had it in my sights. Unfortunately, I had to stop twice very briefly to help Connor who was struggling with Netflix on AppleTV but got straight back on and carried on at 12kmph.

I finished the 5km in 23:06 which is a big 5km PB but clearly not the same as running 5km outside on a normal 5km course. However, it did prove a couple of things:

– when I push myself, I can run fast
– a 23 minute (or faster) 5km is achievable if I keep working at it and I push myself all the way and don’t run within my comfort zone.

Having watched Neil achieve his 100th parkrun, I’ve set a target of reaching my 100th parkrun this year. It has been also 4 years since I ran my first parkrun and about time I got to 100. I’m anticipating reaching the goal in late October or early November.

Sunday – Junior parkrun

Today’s forecast was not great. Rain, rain, rain! We’ve been pretty lucky at the Juniors event to date and managed to avoid much of the wet stuff in the 23 weeks the event’s been held.

I managed to get Connor out of bed and down to Riverside Park for 8:20am and helped with set up before taking my position as marshal/photographer Connor joined me and high-5d a few of the juniors.

We got pretty wet as we packed up and one of the first jobs to do once we got home was to try and dry out all the equipment, signs and high-viz bibs.

Connor had a birthday party to go to which started at 10:45am so it was a bit of a rush to do that, unload all the equipment, upload the photos and process the results before heading out to Eastleigh we made it though with time to spare before having to endure 2 hours of kids screaming and crying.

This afternoon is filled with chores so no more training this week. Next up, STC swim tomorrow evening.

Weekly summary

Another good week apart from a lack of cycling! Must make up for that next week.

I started the week at 12 stone 7lbs and weighed 12 stone 5.6lbs today. This is almost my goal weight (goal is 12st 5lbs) so happy about that.

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