Sprint triathlon training week 6 so far

Monday – rest/lazy day

With a Bank Holiday on Monday, my training options were limited. In fact, I didn’t do any but did cycle to and from Riverside Park with Daniel and with both Daniel and Connor while we were there.


We’d originally planned to go to Aquadome in Basingstoke but got there to find the pool was closed as a child had puked in the pool. Grrrr!

Tuesday – 10k (ish!) run

On Tuesday, I decided that I’d go out for a run and try out an iPhone app, ‘Zombies, Run’, to try and distract me. I’m not sure whether it didn’t install properly but there wasn’t much audio and I eventually gave up on it and listened to music instead. Whilst I did so, I ran a little under 10km which I was pleased about.

Wednesday – STC swim and quick interval run

Today, Wednesday, I had the usual battle to get out of bed for 5:40am for the STC swim session. It would have been easy to roll over but I got out of bed and got dressed. No turning back.

Once I got to the pool, it was clear it was going to be quite a busy session. Jan, Neil, Ian and Jon and I were in the lane. We started off with our usual 400m warmup.

It was clear that someone had left a little nugget at the bottom of the pool in our lane. It was difficult not to spot and, without going into gory details, was moving about a fair but and starting to break up.

Jon called over the lifeguards and asked that it be saved from its watery grave. After several minutes and a reminder, one of the lifeguards went to fetch a net to scoop the poop up.

Once he returned, after a few moments of looking, the lifeguard couldn’t spot the nugget so I swam over to point to its location. The lifeguard couldn’t see it so passed me the net. Clearly, pooper scooping was my job for the day. Hmmm!

I did my best to rescue as many bits as I could but a swimmer in lane 2 spotted an escapee so I went back to fish that out too. Job done.

The rescue mission had led to us falling behind in our session so we cut back on a couple of the sets.

We did some sets with fins and some with hand paddles but we mostly did front crawl.

We finished the session with some time to spare so I did some bilateral swim practice. I’m getting there… Slowly.

As I’d been a little naughty and consumed a Mars bar and some mini Creme Eggs, I thought that I’d try to offset by burning a few extra calories so hit the treadmill at lunchtime for a quick interval session. I decided on 400m (10mph on treadmill) easy followed by 400m (12mph) and do that several times.

It was a good session and meant that I could overindulge and have a couple more treats without exceeding my calorie target for the day.


Thursday – Run Camp

I had hoped to cycle to RC this morning but didn’t. No excuses.

The session was great and consisted of 3 sets of:

4 minute run at 5km pace
2 mins rest
2 minutes at faster than 5km pace
1 minute rest

My target distances were:

4 minutes: 850m
2 minutes: 450m

Also at the track were Steve, Jules, Katherine, Liz and Jenny. Katherine, Jenny and I had similar target distances.

We started with the usual warmup before going into the intervals.

There was a fair but of banter and our rest breaks were a little flexible!

Another great session overall.

I managed to beat my targets on every interval. Boom!!

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