Sprint triathlon training week 5 – what was left of it

So, the week started well. It’s been fairly busy since then too.


After a lie in on Wednesday, Thursday morning started with an early alarm call at 5:30am so that I could go to Run Camp.

I decided to cycle again but that almost didn’t happen after struggling to find the right key to open the padlock on the shed. Fortunately, I managed to find it in time to hit the road at 6:05am which gave me 25 minutes to get to Southampton Sports Centre.

Although I felt quicker on the bike, my average pace was slower than the previous week.

I got to the track at 6:30am and joined the rest of the group.

The session consisted of 3 x 8 minutes at 5km pace with 2 1/2 minutes recovery.

I managed to complete about 1.66km on each interval but did overdo it on the first interval and was more conservative for the latter two intervals.

We did a little S&C before the end of the session before cycling home. I got home with both lights still intact. Phew!

At lunchtime, I went swimming for about an hour but didn’t record the activity. I have several things I want to focus on:

* trying to extend both arms as right arm is more dominant
* keep fingers together in right hand
* rotate to allow easier bilateral breathing especially to left hand side
* kick from hips
* point toes
* maintain kick at all points of stroke

Overall, a good session.

Another rest day on Friday although we did cycle down to Riverside Park.

Saturday – volunteering at Southampton parkrun

On Saturday, I was volunteering as part of RD Kathy’s team as Funnel Manager. As the number of runners at the Common is often over 500, managing the funnel requires several people and a double-funnel. As the Manager, it was my responsibility to make sure that everything ran smoothly.

I had a team of 4 funnel pushers who’s role was to keep runners:

– moving once they’d crossed the finish line to the end of the funnel where they are given their finish tokens

– in order so each runner receives the position token associated with their position

My role also consisted of managing the dual funnel. Basically, about 1/3 of the way down the funnel, it splits into two. A ‘gate’ is then used to allow runners to enter one of the two funnels until that side is full at which point, the gate is moved across to the other funnel so runners enter that funnel. This means that the funnel doesn’t back up too far and prevents runners from running into the back of the queue in the funnel.

The funnel worked well and we managed to keep all 455 finishers in order which meant that all positions and times were aligned.

After the event, I headed home and had a lazy rest of the day.

Sunday – junior parkrun and 10K ‘slow’ run

As the boys were going to an Easter party, I headed down to Southampton Juniors parkrun at 8:10am and met up with Run Director, Donna, and her parents. After helping with set up, I went out to take photos of the juniors. Due to the threat of rain and the fact it was Easter Sunday, the attendance was quite low with 41 juniors plus parents.

As Denise and the boys were not due back until after midday, I took the opportunity to do a 10km treadmill run before they got back. It was slow and steady.

The week has been great. Not much training overall compared to most weeks but have done what I can given other commitments.

In other news, I started the week last Sunday (13th) at 12st 8.9lbs and finished the week at 12st 7lbs. Almost 2lbs lost and at my lowest weight since 15 October 2013.


Not bad given some bad food days and a lack of training as can be seen from the calorie chart from myfitnesspal:


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