Sprint triathlon training week 4 day 4 – Run Camp and cycling

This morning was the third Run Camp in the set and I’d set my alarm for 10 minutes earlier than usual for one main reason; I planned to cycle to and from Southampton Sports Centre. The reasons for this were simple:

  • Cycling there and back would allow me to incorporate an additional fitness activity in to my day
  • It would most likely be quicker getting home in the rush hour traffic by bike than driving

Yesterday evening, I’d checked the route and distance (approximately 7.5km each way) and made sure my lights were working. My route both ways would take me along the Avenue, the thought of which was a little daunting at first.

After breakfast, I got dressed (I decided to wear a tri suit to give me some saddle padding and a cycling jacket) and headed out to get my bike. Once all set, I hit the road. It was pretty quiet at 6am as expected and I made it to the track in about 24 minutes. It was quite an uphill journey until I reached the Avenue where it was nice and flat. As it’s dual carriageway on the Avenue, drivers were able to give me ample room. As I got to the roundabout where I needed to turn right, I made sure I was well positioned in the road to make it clear exactly where I was going. Easy!!

As I arrived, I could hear a car behind me. It had to be a fellow Run Camper and it was, Steve Le Bas. I cycled down the hill to the track and met up with Jules who’d arrived early.

Once off the bike, I prepared to run. As I did so, the other Run Campers turned up and we set off for a warmup.

The plan for the session was a pyramid. However, as Ant explained it, it was clear that it was an inverse pyramid or, as it became known, a ‘valley’! It consisted of:

  • 4 minute run with 2 minute rest
  • 3 minute run with 90 seconds rest
  • 2 minute run with 1 minute rest
  • 1 minute run with 30 seconds rest
  • 2 minute run with 1 minute rest
  • 3 minute run with 90 seconds rest
  • 4 minute run with 2 minutes rest

My effort paces were:

4 minutes: 910m (4:25 mins/km)

3 minutes: 710m (4:17 mins/km)

2 minutes: 480m (4:15 mins/km)

1 minute: 270m (3:43 mins/km)

2 minutes: 430m (4:41 mins/km)

3 minutes: ???

4 minutes: ???

As you’ll see, things were going well until the 2nd 2 minute interval. You might ask what happened there…. Well, I went off like a rocket on the 1 minute interval and for the first 30 seconds was actually just behind Steve and ahead of Jules. However, after 30 seconds at the pace I was running, it wasn’t long until my body decided I’d tried to hard and I slowed down considerably. Having said that, I still managed a decent pace…

But…. the overcooking of my 1 minute effort meant that I struggled in the 2 minute interval and got about 1 minute into it and then both legs cramped up. I felt in a lot of pain and it reminded me of the Valley Leisure Tri in 2013. I really didn’t want to be hobbling off of the track so slowed down and once the interval was over, I stretched by quads as much as I could. There wasn’t time for me to get back to the start line so I started my 3 minute effort at about the 100m line. I didn’t push that effort at all and just cruised around.

Once I finished, I asked Ant what stretch would ease the pain and took his advice. The pain eased again and we moved onto a very short S&C set. Part of the set was plank with side rotation which caused my quads to spasm again. Ouch!

With Run Camp over for another week, it was time to get back on the bike and head home. The first challenge was getting up the hill. This would have been easier had my legs not gone into spasm again leading me to almost fall off infront of a dog walker and her canine friend. Street cred lost in a second! Having decided to get off (fall off), I walked up the hill and then got onto the bike once I reached the top.

The ride home was largely uneventful apart from losing my back light as I hit one of the many potholes. I only realised as I heard it smash into a zillion pieces behind and to the side of me! Another Amazon order placed shortly after I got home for replacements.


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