Sprint triathlon training week 4 day 1

Week 4 of my training started with an STC swim session. I had considered a lunchtime run but decided against it as:

– the weather was awful
– I didn’t want to use it as an excuse for a bad swim

The pool was a little quieter than usual with a couple of the faster men absent but replaced by a couple more I didn’t recognise. Also in the lane were Katherine and Suzanne.

We started off with our usual warmup consisting of:

200m front crawl
100m pull
100m front crawl
2 x 25m kick + 25m pull

Coach Steve then announced that we’d be concentrating on pacing efforts.

First up 100m at 400m race pace. I completed this in 1:52.

Next up we did 200m pull. I did this in 3:45 which is 1:52/100m. I matched the pace required!

We then stepped up to 400m which I did in 7:58 (1:59/100m). This was off pace but mainly due to being lapped by 3 other swimmers.

This is where the session gets a little fuzzy. I believe we did a 50m recovery followed by 4 sets of 75m. The first 50m of each set were front crawl at a fast pace with the next 25m backstroke.

Our next part of the session was to focus on an aerodynamic and propulsive push off from the wall. We did 3 x 75m with a one minute break between each set.

We cooled down for 100m and the session was over.

I was pretty happy with what I’d achieved in the session. It was good to get a sub-8 minute 400m set in the middle of the session and that bodes well for future sprint triathlons.

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