Sprint triathlon training week 3 day 4 – Run Camp

Another early start to the day; this time for Run Camp. This was the 4th Run Camp course I’ve attended and the 2nd course on the track at Southampton Sports Centre. I

I use the word course but in reality, rather than learning anything it’s a led 1 hour session which normally incorporates a warmup, 25 minutes of intervals, 25 minutes of strength & conditioning (S&C) and a cool down. Each week, the intervals are different as is the S&C.

The session was attended by Katherine, Liz, Jenny, Julian and myself. Coach Ant welcomed us all and we went for a 2-lap (800m) warmup. I ran with Katherine and Jules and chatted as we went around. The sessions are very social and that’s a large aspect of what makes them so popular.

We then did the usual 4 sets of high knees and heel kicks.

Once warmed up, Ant told us that we’d need to be warmer as the session was going to be tough vso we did some bounding. Yay!

Ant then dropped the bombshell of what we’d be doing in the session. It comprised of:

6 minute effort
3 minutes rest
5 minute effort
2 1/2 minute rest
4 minute effort
2 minute rest
3 minute effort
1 1/2 minute rest
2 minute effort
1 minute rest
1 minute effort

Each of the efforts was to be at 5km PB pace which for me is 4:46 minutes per km (23:53).

We set off with Jules taking the lead. I was in 2nd place with Katherine, Jenny and Liz a short distance behind.

Although Ant had provided estimated distance to achieve, I don’t recall them but pretty much hit or exceeded everyone.

I was pretty happy with my stats overall:

6 min: 1.32km (4:33/km)
5 minutes: 1.06km (4:43/km)
4 minute: 0.85km (4:42/km)
3 minutes : 0.63 (4:48/km)
2 minutes: 0.42km (4:48/km)
1 minute: 0.25km (3:59/km)

I hit my target pace on all but two of the efforts and exceeded it on the rest.

On the last 3 efforts, Katherine and Jenny got further than me and in the last effort Katherine almost showed Jules her heels as she sped off at a great pace. I wasn’t concerned as I was focussing on nailing the consistent pace – well, until the last effort that is!!

Once we’d finished the running, we didn’t have time to do any S&C so stretched and ended the session.

As I tracked the warmup and intervals, I had a calorie count for the whole of the Run Camp session which came in handy to offset this evening’s Chinese feast. Still have 15 calories until I reach today’s goal so that’s good.

Run Camp is great! The sessions are well structured, fun and at a time that suits me. The speed sessions give an opportunity to use the track and although I could pay less to do so, having the coaching and S&C makes it worth the extra to have a fun session with friends at a time that fits in with my family commitments.

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