Sprint triathlon training week 3 day 3 – STC swim

Another day, yet more training.

This morning, an early start with a 4:40am alarm call for the STC swim session. No umming and ahhing this week. Straight out of bed and eating breakfast. Quite surprising really given a very restless night.

Once I got to Fleming Park, there was just time to get changed before the shutters opened and we could get poolside. Sonia and Neil were there too. Jan and Ian must have been trapped by their duvets. Lucky!!

We started off with the usual 400m warmup consisting of 4 x 100m with 75 metres of front crawl and then 25m back stroke. That was almost enough for me but I carried on.

The rest of the session was a bit of a blur but consisted of something possibly like:

100m pull x 3
100m with flippers x 3
100m front crawl x 3
50m recovery

100m x 3

50m x too many to remember

We did 38 sets of 50s or 100s. Your guess is as good as mine really.

I’ll check my Garmin stats and try and work back from those later.

As I say, it all becomes a blur. All in all, we covered 3200m but I have three confessions to make:

– we were told we were unlikely to complete all the sets at the start – not exactly a motivational start but as it turned out, accurate

– I dipped out of 2 x 50m to allow me to rest and ensure that Sonia and Neil didn’t have to wait for me for at least two laps!

– I didn’t do very much bilateral breathing. Sorry Coach Steve!

There’s always next time!!

It still amazes me that we swim 128 lengths and get out of the pool without a hoist. 700+ calories burned and earned a few treats.

Another good session. OK, time for one last confession. I had to have a lunchtime nap!

Next up, Run Camp. No rest for the wicked.

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