Sprint triathlon training week 3 day 2

After last night’s swim session, I was pretty tired. However, another day meant another exercise session and today’s was a run.

I wanted to do 4 miles and incorporate some hills so chose a mile loop which includes a hill that’s about 800m climb.

I went out fast, a little too fast! But eased back for the 2nd lap. As the sun got higher and the temperature increased and I had to incorporate a 1 minute walk break into laps 3 and 4. However, I got through the session and felt quite elated at the end.



A good day food-wise with a couple of hundred calories to spare even after a couple of treats. Also, a good composition of fat, carbohydrates and protein.


Tomorrow morning I’m back in the pool nice (?) and early. Better get some sleep.

One thought on “Sprint triathlon training week 3 day 2

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