Sprint triathlon training week 3 – day 1

To save the problem of forgetting what I’ve been doing I’ve decided to jot notes down each day so I’m a little more detailed in this week’s blog posts. Let’s see if it helps!

Monday – when I first got up, my first task was to lose any excess lbs (!) and then get in the scales. I had a very nice surprise! A dramatic weight loss. Woo hoo! Clearly, the food log and calorie tracking is working.

I felt as if I should be doing something exercise-wise all day but saved my energy until the STC swim session which was another toughy!

We started with a warm up involving 200 front crawl followed by 100m of 25m kick (tough) followed by 25m pull twice. The 25m kick is always a struggle. Last week I felt as if I was actually moving through the water. This week, I seemed to be stationary. Last week’s tip for success was head position (neutral) and a fast flutter kick. Although I tried the same this week, it didn’t have the propulsive effect. Rather than blame myself, I’ll blame the turbulence caused by the swimmer in front. πŸ™‚

Once the warmup was over, we donned our flippers for 2 x 100m and were handed the weeing seals or tubes. Donna was very keen to get a seal and it almost came to fisticuffs until Steve handed her one πŸ™‚ Donna clearly wasn’t disappointed as she made her seal wee over one of the other swimmers. Lol!!

With weeing seals in hand (and with Donna’s with an empty bladder), it was time for the drill. The idea is to do front crawl whilst holding the seal lightly and then change hands whilst performing the stroke. I don’t know why, but this drill really throws my stroke and breathing into disarray. The sooner the drill was over, the better.

Once over, we removed our flippers, handed back the seals (one of us reluctantly!) and moved into our efforts. The first of which was 100m at a reasonably fast pace. This set our pace for the next efforts.

I tried to throw in some bilateral breathing into most lengths of the session. In some cases, this was for the full length. For others, a few breaths before reverting to breathing on every second stroke. I even tried one length (in reality, half a length) where I breathed to my weak side only. I am trying (very, at times!)

Having established our 100m pace, we then proceeded to do 4 (?) x 100m at our set pace off of 20 seconds recovery. With a full lane with those at the front being very fast and me at the back being tortoise-like (and with a similar swimming ability but far worse diet!), it wasn’t too many sets before I was lapped. In fact, in one set, we (Donna and I) missed 50m and re-joined the back of the pack under direction of coach Steve.

Other than the set where I had to wait to get overtaken, my pacing was reasonable for each of the 100s.

Next up were 6 x 50m at half our 100m pace with 15s recovery. These were hard. I did the first 50m a little too fast (54s) and then moderated that for the following 5.

Next up was 100m recovery – breast stroke. That was no recovery and I had to rescue myself and front crawl for the last 25m to avoid seeing the others in my lane heading home. Sorry Coach.

Having (not!) recovered, the last effort consisted of 5 sets of 50m with a relaxed 25m followed by 25m hard. Oh joy! I got through the set though and even did some BB (bilateral breathing).

As 9pm approached, it was time for a 50m cool down (was due to be 100m but Steve was distracted so almost everyone bailed early).

I’ve not checked my swim stats yet but was moderately happy with how well I’d done. A mediocre session in terms of my performance I guess. Steve might disagree! I slipped away before he has chance to tell me. Phew!

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