Deferring my first marathon

Over the last couple of months, injury, holiday and workload has meant that I’ve not had the opportunity to train as much as I’d like or as much as is needed for what was going to be my first marathon – Brighton Marathon on 6th April and I’ve struggled to run anything more than 6 miles without the niggles in my left hip area. Given several more weeks of high workloads on the run up to Mothers Day, I can see little opportunity to get out and run long (up to 20 miles) and therefore I have, very reluctantly, deferred my entry to Brighton. I plan to try a 10-12 mile run tomorrow to assess whether to run the Reading Half next weekend

Deferring Brighton certainly eases some pressure and means that I can focus on completing the Eastleigh 10K before aiming for a decent race at Blenheim Tri at the start of June and then the big one; Challenge Weymouth Half Distance Triathlon.

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