La Plagne – skiing day 3

Thought that I’d write the post about today’s skiing before bed in the hope that it would mean I don’t feel the need for a 2am wake up.

Today (Tuesday) was day 3 on the slopes in La Plagne. As usual, that meant a 7am alarm, breakfast and heading down to the kids ski-school meeting place for the bus to their lesson for 9am.

We’d chosen to let the boys wear their walking books rather than ski boots. That made the journey much more enjoyable for all concerned.

As we arrived, the bus went past us up the hill. Had they not stopped and reversed back to pick up Daniel, Connor and Harrison, we’d have had to resort to ts making them up on the chair lift.

We were lucky though and got them on the bus and we then headed up on the chair lift to Plagne Centre.

Unfortunately, when we got to the bottom of boulevard, the next chairlift wasn’t working which could have meant a walk up a long green slope to our ski school meeting place. Fortunately, we met one of the other ElPro instructors at the lift who contacted our instructor who then came down to meet us.

We mainly skied blues but Denise was struggling a little even though her hired boots were much better and her feet weren’t cramping. She decided to leave the lesson and head back to Plagne 1800. Meanwhile, we carried on our lesson.

Overall, a great morning.

In the afternoon, Steve, Chris and I went out for a burn. It was a great afternoon and I got some video footage which I’ll add to this post when I have a decent wifi connection.

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