Looking back at the week ending 12th Jan 2014

It’s Sunday morning and an opportunity to look back at the week.


The start of the week is normally when I do the Southampton Tri Club swim
session at the Quays. However, a meeting for Lordshill Road Runners was scheduled and I missed out on the swim. 😦


An early start of a wake up at 5:40am and then a drive to Southampton Sports Centre for week 1 of Run Camp Speed Sessions. Having completed level 1 plus some additional weeks before Christmas, it was great to get back to Run Camp. The participants were a different bunch from the 2013 group and I missed not having Irene, Jules, Charles and Steve there. Jules and Steve will join the course in the next few weeks though. The rest of the group were mostly familiar faces though with LRR and STC members Tamsyn, Katherine and Liz as well as Jules’ son Andy.

The session started with a 2x400m warmup and then the group was split into 2. 4 of us started off doing 4 x 3 minute efforts with 3 minutes recovery. Ant had set a target distance for each interval and my target was about 630m. This is about 4:46 mins per km (12.6 km/h) which would be a. 23:55 5km.

I enjoy running on the track. It’s flat, fast and you don’t have to worry about obstacles, tree roots etc. However, the headwind on the finish straight was challenging.

In my first effort, I got to around 680m in the 3 minutes. That’s about 4:25 mins/km (13.6 kmph). Each subsequent effort was slightly slower covering about 670m so very happy with that.

I started to get a hip ache during the intervals and am unsure what caused it. I suspect that my long run on Saturday and the walk after might have played a part. More about that later.

While the 4 of us (Gareth, Andy, Katherine and myself) were doing intervals, Tamsyn, Max, Jenny and Liz had been doing strength and conditioning exercises. It was now our turn while they did their intervals. The exercises included single leg dead lifts with a weight, reverse lunges with a medicine ball, squats with a resistance band and side squat running (will
double-check each of those against Tamsyn’s blog post and correct later!)

Once complete, it was time for stretches and then home.

Overall I enjoyed the session. The banter wasn’t in the league of the level 1 session and it was a shame that Irene wasn’t there. There was no real instruction during the interval sessions but it was good to be pushed (not physically you understand).

On Tuesday evening I mentioned that I’d be getting up at 4:40am for the Wednesday morning STC swim session at Fleming Park. Having been ill over Christmas and with the local pools closed or on reduced hours plus having missed the Monday session, this was my first return to the pool for a couple of weeks and it felt like it.

The lane was filled with familiar faces (Sonia Rushby, Steve Cooke, Ian Boshier and myself) and it felt like swimming through treacle. Clearly, the festive excesses and lack of any real exercise for over a week hadn’t helped. I got through it though and clicked up over 2.6km in the pool. Fortunately, I didn’t really feel any achiness from my hip.


On Thursday, I hit the treadmill for a tempo session. This was due to be:

1 mile (1.5k) easy
4 miles (6.5k) at MT
1 mile (1.5K) easy

where MT (based on 24:40 5K) is:

8:28 per km
5:16 per mile

I felt my achy hip every step of the way and bailed mid-session. I had 2 reasons:

– I don’t want to jeopardise my training
– I don’t want to jeopardise my skiing holiday.


On Friday, I had planned to go to the pool but the combination of waiting for parcels and the hip meant I didn’t make it. I’d experienced pain when lying on my hip which wasn’t pleasant and could feel the ache when walking. Although swimming would offer good support, I didn’t want to risk anything.


Normally parkrun is the highlight of Saturday morning and my original plan had been to return for some muddy fun at Lakeside. However, Denise had talked me into a family day comprising a trip to the cinema and then 10 pin bowling. It was a fun morning and we all enjoyed it. parkrun attendance records were smashed across the country without my attendance (and will be for the next couple of weeks when I’m not able to parkrun due to travelling to and from La Plagne).

In the evening, the plan had been a long run (11 miles / 17 km) on the treadmill. This ended up being cut short again at about 5.46km.

The foam roller got some action in the hope that it’d help. Achiness again when lying on the hip which wasn’t quite as painful as it had been earlier in the week but definitely uncomfortable.


Today, it’s Junior parkrun so a rest day.

The week ahead is scheduled as follows:

Monday: Tri Club swim
Tuesday: Run Camp Speed session
Wednesday: Tri Club Swim
Thursday: Tempo Run (depending on hip)
Friday: Swim
Saturday: Holiday!!!!

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