A new year to focus on

A few weeks back I looked back at 2013 and the challenges I’d set and how well I’d got on. It’s now time to look forward again. I know I’ve done this a couple of times already but my goals are now set in stone.

I started the new year after being ill for several days. That meant that I was unable to be very active and that combined with festive excesses meant that getting the scales yesterday provided bad news!! Over 13 stone again! Darn!! Have no one to blame but myself though and hopefully over the next month or so I can get back down to my target weight of around 12 1/2 stone.

In terms of races and events in 2014, I’ve decided to stick to 8 for the year. This is partly so that I don’t overdo things but also so that I don’t miss many Junior parkruns through the year.

Here are the events I’ve got on my plan:

March 2014:

  • Reading Half Marathon (2nd March)
  • Eastleigh 10K (23rd March) – going for a PB although could be a challenge the day after my 45th birthday!

April 2014:

  • Brighton Marathon (6th April) – eek

June 2014:

  • Blenheim Sprint Triathlon (8 June)

July 2014:

  • Thunder Run (26/27 July)

September 2014:

  • Challenge Weymouth Half Triathlon (14th September)
  • HOWSC Olympic Triathlon (28th September)

November 2014:

  • Gosport Half Marathon (November)

Will also do as many of the TryTri aquathlons at Lakeside as I can and as many parkruns as possible! Hoping to get to 100 parkruns at some point in 2014.

Although there are some old favourites in the mix (Eastleigh 10K and Gosport Half), there are some big challenges (notably Brighton Marathon, Thunder Run and Challenge Weymouth Half Triathlon) ahead.

3 thoughts on “A new year to focus on

  1. Great stuff, James! I’d forgotten that Brighton marathon was on your list – hopefully, we’ll be able to get a bit of a support crew to cheer us around! Our to-do lists for 2014 are fairly similar – I’m just missing Reading and Blenheim… although I’m sorely tempted to enter Reading as I loved it so much in 2012.

      • I think it depends on how my training is going by the end of the month. I definitely want a PB (sub 4:29) and would like to think that sub 4:15 is realistic and achievable. Do you have a time in mind?

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