Great South Run – DNS

When it comes to deciding whether to rock up at the start of a race sometimes we have to make difficult decisions. Sometimes those decisions are right and sometimes those decisions are wrong. Those decisions for me are normally related to injury or the possibility of aggregating an injury.

Although there may be more, I can think of two races where I made the wrong decision and started a race when I was injured and ended the race in a far worse state. One of those was the Netley 10K and one was the Great South Run in 2011. On both occasions, I hobbled back to my car in pain wishing I’d not started the race.

I was due to be running the Great South Run today. The conditions look less than perfect (possible rain and gale-force winds) and I’m nursing what feels like either a muscle pain or a potential stress fracture in my foot. I could run on it, and have done for the last few days with the occasional twinge and get through the race but, if I do, I risk making things worse.

If this was my last race of the season, I’d probably risk it but I have one more race, the Gosport Half Marathon on the 17th November. This is a race I’ve done once before back in 2010. It was one of my favourite races where things all went well and I finished just outside 2 hours. Unfortunately, due to other commitments, I’ve been unable to do the race for the last couple of years and this is my first opportunity to run the race again and hopefully PB. However, the chances of doing that with an aggravated injury is very unlikely.

That’s lead to the difficult decision to not run in this year’s Great South Run. I am confident that I want to run in the Gosport Half it’s the right decision.

3 thoughts on “Great South Run – DNS

  1. I had the same difficult decision to make, and chose to run. Definitely muscular, felt ok at parkrun yesterday, and with a good warm up and stretch, I managed to get round with only a little discomfort.

    I hope to see you at the Gosport start line!

    PS. When does your season start/end? It feels like the running never ends!

    • Well done for finishing. I’m disappointed not to have run. Never mind though. Gosport will be my last race of season until Stubbington 10K in January (if not skiing which looks like a possibility).

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