30 day challenge – complete

For one reason or another, I’m struggling to sleep so time for a quick blog post.

Well, it’s the 1st of October and that means that my 30-day challenge of not eating crisps, biscuits, cake or sweets is over. I made it!

At times it was a little tough. After all, we have cupboards full with those naughty things I’ve been trying to avoid. However, although temptation almost got the better of me a couple of times, I resisted and didn’t give in. Had I not time bound the challenge and shared the fact I was doing it, there’s a very good chance that I’d have slipped and not made it for the 30 days.

Now the month is over, I really don’t feel the need to gorge on the things I’ve been missing. The reality is that I don’t feel I need to return to eating 3 or 4 bags of crisps a day, numerous mini-bags of Haribos or a handful of biscuits.

Will I eat any of the things I’ve avoided in September? I’m not sure. I don’t feel the desperate need to and suspect that if I had some, I could soon fall back into the unnecessarily excessive ‘binging’ I was doing.

Although I’ve only lost about 3lbs over the month, prior to that, I was putting weight on. I can’t say that the loss was due to the challenge but I’m sure that, without it, I’d have put 3lbs on putting me closer to 13 1/2 stone than the 12 stone 9 lbs that I am now. I should add that other than avoiding the naughty categories of food mentioned, I’ve still eaten the same as before, have enjoyed meals out and the odd takeaway.

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I’ve had a goal of reaching 12 stone 6lbs for a couple of years and not maintained the willpower to do so. I don’t want to get to a ‘racing weight’ but want to feel as if I’m not carrying around too much flubber that it’s bad for my health and increases my risk of injury. The truth is that regardless of how thin my face might look, I am only just within the ‘normal’ BMI range and have a waist measurement of about 40 inches which even surprises me. Mind you, having seen photos of myself in my trisuit on Sunday, maybe that isn’t so surprising.

As I said above, I doubt I’d have kept doing had it not been for the fact
I was doing a 30-day challenge. The concept has definitely worked for me and I’d definitely recommend it.

I have until the end of today to work out another challenge. So have you!! Good luck!!

2 thoughts on “30 day challenge – complete

  1. I’ve had positive results from an effort to drink no alcohol Monday – Thursday. There have been exceptions, but I find one glass of wine rather than half a bottle seems quite a treat, and I don’t hanker for more. I’ve lost a couple of kilos over the last few months, and can only put it down to that, plus maybe slightly higher running mileage, and working at the allotment leading to less snacking.

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