LRR Mile Series #3

This evening, Lordshill Road Runners held their 3rd and final mile event of the year and it was a great way to end the 2013 series.

Having swum 2.4km in the lake this morning and still suffering from achy quad muscles from Sunday’s triathlon, I was doubtful whether I’d run at the event. In fact, by 4pm, I was starting to doze off and being awake for the event was going to be challenge enough.

I arrived at Southampton Common at about 5:50pm and was shortly joined by Irene from LRR. By about 6:10pm Chris and Gary arrived with the club gazebo and we were ready to set up.

As with previous LRR mile events, we were planning on holding two waves; those expecting to complete the mile in under 7 minutes and the rest of us!!

The event went very smoothly and there were some great performances in the first wave including some excellent PBs for Jim Davies and Jules.

Once all the participants had finished, it was time to download the data and upload the results to the magic-mile website.

Before long, it was time to prepare to run in wave 2. As we walked from ‘race HQ’ to the start line, I did some stretches and tried some light jogging. My quads complained. I wondered whether I was making the right decision to run.

Irene did the pre-race brief and we were off. I took the lead as we ran the incline. It seemed that those behind me were gradually slipping back. I wondered how long I’d keep the lead.

At one point I looked back to see Gareth Jones who had run in the first wave. He was gaining fast. I looked down at one point and was running sub-4 minute kms! I tried to work out what finish position that would give me if I could keep it up. Things looked promising!

As we ran across the Common, I could hear Gareth behind me getting closer and closer. It wasn’t too long before he took the lead. I was determined to stay with him. Or Gareth was happy to not run too fast and leave me behind!

1173828_10151896062531742_1380664084_n 1175229_10151896062551742_607818132_n 1236056_10151896062476742_1964954858_n

As we got to 400m, I was on Gareth’s shoulder and the finish was almost in view. At 200m, Gareth urged me to go for the line. I upped my pace and went for it.

I crossed the line in 6:32. A new mile PB by several seconds.  According to Running For Fitness’s age grading calculator, this gives me an age-grading of 61.9% and that I should be able to run a 5km in 22:17. That seems someway off though!!  Full results available now!

As with all the other mile events, this evening’s event was excellent. There were fewer runners than we’d have liked and few from other clubs. I’m not sure why the event hasn’t attracted the support of other clubs given the distance and the simplicity of the event. Hopefully, the series will prove more popular with other clubs in 2014.

Many thanks to Chris, Irene, Clare and Gary for all their involvement in bringing the series to life.

3 thoughts on “LRR Mile Series #3

  1. The benefits of old age! With a slower time than you (and being female) I achieved a stonking 76.55% – still trying to get my head around that, as I always consider myself quite slow, being surrounded by speedy young men at running club.
    I will be trying hard to recruit Totton runners for next year’s events

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