Quick update – muscle cramps, planks and PSA results

After my muscle cramp issues in yesterday’s Valley Leisure Triathlon, I got some good advice about how to deal with the issue. More hydration and a drink to supplement the lost electrolytics. Thanks to John Grant, I’ve ordered some High 5 Zero tablets which are added to water. Once received, I’ll try these in water and see how I get on.

I’ve also had the results of my PSA test back. It came back normal which means that prostate cancer is very unlikely. That’s obviously great news. Just need to work out what the problem actually is though.

I’ve started a new challenge. This one’s a plank challenge and other than for one day, I’ve been trying it for almost a week.

Here’s how I’m getting on so far:

3/9/2013: 00:50
4/9/2013: 01:05
5/9/2013: 01:25
6/9/2013: 01:35
8/9/2013: 01:30

Nothing much else to report at the moment.

I’m trying to add about 10 seconds per day.

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