Cutting out the cr@p with a 30-day challenge

At the end of last month, I decided that my intake of crisps, biscuits and sweets was getting a little extreme. I was trying to justify the consumption by offsetting it against the calories burnt during exercise. The issue was that my weight was increasing. Something had to change.

It was then that I was reminded of 30 day challenges. There’s hardly a reason to explain the concept. Basically you set yourself a challenge that you stick to for 30 days. The benefit is that it’s much easier to stick to something if the timescale is quite short. You can see the end of the tunnel.

There are a whole heap of 30 day fitness challenges online. These include the 30 day squat challenge, the 30 day plank challenge, etc, etc.

My challenge is to not eat crisps, sweets, cakes, biscuits or other junk snack food for the whole of September which conveniently has 30 days. Surely a sign!!

I’m keeping the hunger pangs at bay by eating nuts. No, not dry roasted peanuts but almonds and other ‘healthy’ nuts.

I’m now 3 days into the challenge and, in reality, it’s not been plain sailing but I’m managing it and, if my scales are to be believed, it’s already starting to make a positive difference. Fingers crossed for the next 27 days.

There’s definitely scope for different challenges each month. Cycle every day for 30 days, do core work for 30 days etc etc.

2 thoughts on “Cutting out the cr@p with a 30-day challenge

  1. I find the 30 day exercise challenges are OK (I can always find some time to squeeze in something), but it’s the challenges where I have to give up some sort of food that I like which are much harder to do. I managed to do all of the 30 day shred (a hideous workout video with three levels), whilst I was doing a few hours of karate classes every day and lunchtime exercise classes… but the thought of giving up cakes, sweets and biscuits is hard. Good luck!

    • It was tough for the first couple of days but is getting easier even with a kitchen full with snacks. I even managed a trip to Asda earlier and wasn’t tempted. Snacks are definitely my downfall. Awarding exercise, relieving boredom, etc. How long it’ll last after the end of Sept, who knows?!

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