Wyvern 10K DNS and other news

Today I should be running in the 2nd Wyvern 10K. However, with temperatures forecast to hit 28 deg C, I’ve decided to not take part. I’ve had several weekends of running related events recently, am not a fan of running in the heat and want to be fit for next weekend’s National Lottery Anniversary Run so am going to enjoy a family day instead. Good luck to everyone that’s running.

In other news, following my bike fit, I’ve not been on the bike apart from one 10K turbo session. Although hardly scientifically proven, my average speed during the session was 1kmph faster than any previous cycle session. That’s an improvement of about 3%. It will be interesting to see how the bike fit has affected my road times though. I’m currently avoiding road cycling as it aggravates my wrist/hand injury

With regards the injury, my left wrist/hand is almost recovered. My right is getting better although still some way off. Hopefully 3-4 more days and I’ll be back on the bike.

I have noticed since the EOW Tri that my gears have been getting jumpy again so have attempted to index my gears. I found the video on gear indexing particularly useful.

As part of the Retul bike fit, Garth found out about my lack of flexibility particularly with regards my inability to touch my toes. This has been something I’ve been working on ever since with 3 or 4 attempts each day.

When I started, I was barely able to reach below my knees with my finger tips reaching about 40cm above the ground. After about 3 days, I’ve managed to reduce that to about 15-17cm. That doesn’t mean I can just bend over and stretch that far straight away. It’s a lot more gradual and takes several seconds but I’m getting there.

Next up, the National Lottery Anniversary Run…


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