Follow up about EOW Tri

One thing I didn’t really do in my last post about the EOW Tri was to analyse how my positions changed during the event.

The following shows my swim time, position, transition time, T1 position, bike time, bike position, run time and run position through the event along with the total time:

115 James Saunders ST MV M 12:27.3 188 00:01:39.75 75 00:47:06.60 204 00:02:26.55 244 00:27:37.80 189 01:31:17.95

As you’ll see, my position in the swim was 188th. However, this dropped for my bike section to 204 and then was better for the run. This implies to me that I need to work on my cycling. I was taking it easy because of my right wrist but know that my cycling training has been unsufficient anyway.

My T1 time was really good though and I’m sure that I can improve on this. My T2 time was awful but that was entirely due to the cramp I got which probably cost me 90 seconds in reality.

All good experience though.

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