Eastleigh Open Water Triathlon part 1

This is the first part of a 2-part blog post about the Eastleigh Open Water Triathlon.

This post concentrates on my last minute preparation for tomorrow’s event. I’ll post tomorrow to share how well (or otherwise) it goes!!

I don’t recall exactly when I registered for the Try Tri EOW Tri event but it was autumn last year, probably September. At the time, I was doing most of my training by running and I felt the need to add something else to the mix. I’d also not been using my road bike for quite some time and a triathlon seemed a great way to make sure I broadened my training horizons and set myself a new challenge.

Although, at the time, the event seemed a long way-a-way, it’s come around quickly and I don’t feel very prepared. My run volume has definitely dropped in recent months partly made up with swimming, and some, but not enough, cycling.

All of a sudden, the triathlon is tomorrow. I’m more nervous now and that feeling is overshadowing the excitement. Nerves are inevitable and should help on the day. I’m certainly not going into the event unprepared but if there was one thing I would go back and change, it would be to get more time in the bike.

As a rough guide, I expect to be in the water for about 9 minutes, cycling for 43 minutes and running for 27 minutes plus time for transitions. With an 8:30 am start, I should be a triathlete with one tri under my (race) belt by about 10am tomorrow morning. Those durations should really give a rough guide to what % of time should be spent training for each discipline.

That means that most training should be done on the bike. Having said that, I think it helps to swim more than those ratios imply as swimming gives a great all-body workout and coming out of the water feeling good must help in latter stages of the event.

Anyway, it’s a little too late for me to make up for lost time in the saddle so I won’t dwell on that any more.

The last few days has been spent getting organised for the Tri. I know the timetable and have this written down so I can refer to it in the likely event that I’ll forget what I have to do when.

I’ve got all my gear ready and packed the items into separate ‘boot/PE’ bags for each discipline. This will hopefully make transition set-up easier. Hopefully!!

My bike’s prepared with tyres checked and inflated. The saddle bags are packed to spare tubes, puncture repair kit etc.

All the gear, bike etc will be loaded into the car tonight so I only need to worry about taking a small bag out with me in the morning. I’ll load the water bottle (chilled in the freezer) and an energy snack onto the bike before I set off.

I’ve shaved (to save transporting too make plake (is it a pond or a lake?) creatures on the cycle and run) and also cut my nails short (to prevent tearing my wetsuit as I put it on and take it off).

Just to ensure no mishaps, I’ve packed spare goggles and sunglasses.

All that remains is a good night’s sleep and I’ll be ready. I hope!

Tomorrow, I’ll review the event and my performance in it.

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