Triathlon – things to remember

So, I started by running, then started cycling, then swimming. The inevitable has happened and I’m now 10 days away from my first triathlon. I enjoy taking part in each of these activities but putting them all together at race pace next Sunday is going to be, er, interesting. I won’t lie, the event and preparing for it is playing on my mind just a little!!

Questions running through my brain include:

* how will I find my bike in transition?
* how will I get on my bike without careering into something or someone?
* how will I get up the hills?
* will I be able to uncleat in an emergency stop?
* how will I get off my bike without careering into something or someone?
* what happens if I get off the bike and my legs refuse to work?

Of course, I’ll be fine!! I enjoy a challenge!! There are still 9 days to prepare, practice and improve each of the disciplines and, most importantly, the transitions. It’s never too late!

One of the biggest challenges will be to have everything I need on the day so I’ve decided to compile a list which I’ll share here broken down into each of the disciplines:

* wetsuit
* googles
* spare goggles
* Bodyglide
* deck shoes or similar
* race belt
* talc

* road bike
* helmet
* puncture repair kit
* spare inner tubes
* pump
* CO2 inflater and spare CO2
* sunglasses
* cycling gloves
* cycling shoes
* water bottle and water
* energy gel
* elastic bands

* run cap
* running shoes
* energy gel

Will amend as things come to me!

* photo ID
* towel
* suncream
* bucket
* Garmin
* snack and drink for post race

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