parkrun changed my life

Yet another attention-grabbing headline alongside ‘Aliens addicted me’ and ‘Miracle weight-loss with no effort’…

Yesterday, I posted the following on Facebook:

I can honestly say that parkrun has changed my life in more ways than any other. Fact!

This raised a couple of eyebrows!

I stand by my original post!!

Without parkrun, it’s unlikely that I’d have continued running. I’d therefore most likely not have started swimming. Or cycling. I certainly wouldn’t be thinking about getting up a 5am for an early morning lake swim!!

I would most likely not have gained the many friends and acquaintances as I’ve subsequently made due to parkrun, running club etc.

I’m unlikely to have been involved in giving something to the local (running) community through both setting up (or helping to set up) several parkrun as well as other related events such as the Magic Miles or ‘worked’ with some incredible people.

I doubt I’d be as fit or healthy as I am (but with more room for improvement). I wouldn’t have contemplated competing in triathlons or a marathon.

And, I most likely wouldn’t have experienced the shared joy (and proudness) of running with Daniel and Connor all with smiles on our faces as we ‘raced’ on the Common against each other for (hopefully) the first of many times.

parkrun for me is far more than a run in a park. It’s unlocked my life and it’s changed it considerably.

For many non-parkrunners (and, in fact, even many parkrunners), it won’t be conceivable that a weekly 5km run could change a life but for me, it has. Hopefully for the better for not only myself but also (hopefully) for my family.

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