Lordshill ‘Magic’ Mile series event 2

This morning was the 2nd event in the Lordshill Road Runners Mile Series 2013 and my original plan was to do the same as event 1 and run separately from Daniel and try and PB again.

However, I ended up taking both Daniel (age 7) and Connor (age 4) to the event which, as I was also a timekeeper for the first wave meant I would run with both of them.

In honesty, I wasn’t expecting to run much as Connor had not run a mile before. The solution to prevent walking most of the way was to get Connor to scoot alongside Daniel and I.

We ran in the 2nd wave and got about 50m before Connor decided he wanted to run. And run he did. 1400m! He would have completed the full 1609m but tripped over his feet, or a sleeping policeman, with about 200m to go and I ended up carrying him for the last stretch to the finish funnel.

With 100m to go, I gave Daniel the nod to sprint for the line. We finished in 10:34 with Daniel a few seconds ahead.

It was a real shame that Connor tripped as he was really enjoying the run and Daniel and I had decided to let him beat us!

It was another great (in fact, magic) experience and Connor wants to run a shorter distance event again. A 5km parkrun would definitely be too far. I want to run with him too.

We have Bushy junior parkrun lined up as our next run together. I can’t wait.

I also can’t wait to get a junior parkrun started in the Southampton/Eastleigh area. Watch this space!

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