2nd open water swim

This morning I did my 2nd water swim at Lakeside. I had been looking forward to it since last Tuesday and woke far too early.

It wasn’t quite as warm and the water temperature reflected that. It was noticeably cooler than last week.

Clare was also there for the open water swim. We were joined by fellow parkrunners, Tamsyn and Teri as well as a couple of other familiar faces.

I was first in the water and as I submerged my head under, the shock of the water’s coldness was no less than last week. It stings and really affects you. It’s no wonder that your speech is slurred at the end of the session. I managed to get a lap done before the others entered the water. My path from buoy to buoy was much improved on last week especially for the first lap.

I completed another 3 laps. Most went ok. I did deviate towards the middle of the lake a few times particularly when I forgot to spot. I really need to do that every 6 to 8 strokes otherwise I could end up swimming in circles.

As I got tired, my technique slipped a bit. However, I’m really happy as I competed another lap making 5 in total. With each lap being about 350m, that gave a total of 1.75km. I think that could be the furthest I’ve swum for 30+ years!

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