Quick summary

Just time for a quick summary post if things I’ve been up to but not posted about.

My running training hasn’t really gone that well and I’m in no shape to run further than 10 miles. That means that I won’t be running in the Bramley 20 or the Brighton Marathon. I will however focus on the Bournemouth Marathon instead which gives me several months to prepare. I may do the Bramley 10 (mile) instead.

Last week, I swam 6 times. 4 of those were dedicated swimming sessions. One was a bob about with the kids where I spent some time trying to improve my freestyle stroke. The other session was a 1:1 session with a SwimSmooth coach. I intend to post more about that later in the week with clips from the videos that were taken.

This week, I hope to swim 4 times. This may not be possible. We’ll see.

In other news, after many months of my weight yoyoing, I’ve hit my lowest weight since May 2011 at around 13 stone 4lbs. This is just under a stone heavier than my goal but something I’m still pleased about. I’m trying to get within the ideal I range. Not because I want to be skinny but because I know I run better when I’m lighter and am less prone to injury. My ‘love handles’ are disappearing but I’m still a 38inch waist. Hoping to reach 34 inch.

I really need to get on my bike. Not sure when but it’s important that I start.

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